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For one. Ninety nine hundred eighty. I prayed that it rains in the state of Georgia in the city of Lancer for ninety days. Ninety nine that Damascus will open up shock. Disrespecting the cocoa is huge. Michael Shout out on my people. Shout out to Deborah Leslie Aids Award Free Ninety. Nine how you doing. Good Morning. Shout out to Diane McFadden's Dean Char Hides IMF Azzedine and as you all know. If you guys remember she from Feeding Families Ministries in Toby Hannah Pennsylvania. They are out there giving out meals. Today's you guys. Are anybody else that you know that needs any meal driving hardships in northeast Pennsylvania. Please let them know and we also have daily Andrews in the room hates Allah. Good morning shoutout to Willie Harris. Hey Willy Good morning shout out to Ron Johnson. He might Sweden filner. How are you shot out too? High Lum honey a shoutout to young. Hey young and I sat out to Cunard Williams. Hey Queue shoutout to the song do good morning shutout to our favourite billion address. Shaw what I've drank morning. How are you making more money in the coke? You know what I'm saying. Shout out to Pamela Dubose. Hey Damn loud morning shot out to Dj Star boogie. Hey what.

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