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We did a lot of investigations with the bitter at getting discussions than we were selected by the long we we did some good stuff Upcountry Night Pia del Corral woman a you know we we various investigations up around central low new volunteers. We really cut a T- We Lewd Lock and we had a good time. Doing we Miss Marie. Nice people along the way and that continued for wall Unfortunately I don't WanNa dwell on this because come negatives but the the with quite negative people also in the paranormal community in some of those people contributed to think breaking down a peg twins and and in a good way on a bad way but we will starting to get our own. Schedules got him. Wellington Winson bobbing and TV and use type in radio interested The win very media paranormal groups in the country country at the time and they would come to us as well as some of the other groups and wanted to do stories features so we got on writing a New Zealand a couple of Times newspaper a couple of times but local and regional and TV's got interested TV. Got Interested and you may WanNa do those things and you know. Stay honest you know some of it's a bit of a leak preliminary It's not that serious and they will do funny little graphics and run ghostbusters. Things deflect. Dan Won't do that again. How original but we quite like coverage on the soaker face media? Who Will Sir win? WHO's reading your story in Canton? The hotel that got you into this field. I got the impression that you might have picked something up from the church. You photograph before you got to the hotel. Yeah let's that's what we think is well on the way down to woman We drove down for repay. Who would bring a shadow of Clayton cover stand at the time we've done this gig up shattered? It's really good but it was like six thousand the initial two or three in the morning todd so ugly lifting Instead of driving just the trick of it so we we to the train crash price So on the white from from Chateau. We drove around the base of the mountain and we visited the scene of the tiny would also which was a very bad train crash. I think it was New Year's Eve and nineteen fifty three queen. Elizabeth was in the country should just think crowned and her job was is to read on the radio. The nine people died in that tragedy on Christmas secrets really bad before my time with us today size. And it's it's it's quite it's quite a place to go to the river coming down the mountain. And then we drove into Rutta he and F. drive in this a ultra Trauma Hill and unseen enough photo orbit. I'd like to take a photo but not to get a little closer and just go up and see the Jewish and what. I didn't realize I wanNA just hop over beat so where we'd around front and we asked to mission and a new goal gone onto a Mirai so corrupt up updates with my camera and say hey jim on if we go up and take photos in the church and the three older means sitting the Mariah night they can look at each other and looked dubious but year. Okay I can't grew. We went up there and you know to be honest. The whole thing just didn't feel right. Sometimes you just know that the transgressing even even though they said it was a K.. Watson took a few fighters of pretty uncomfortable so we leave pretty quickly when we drove down from brought to he down to Hungary. And it's it's quite a strange route. conohere overcast and nothing else on the road the place conservatives quiet and the whole trip just seemed strange like we're a little bit in another time you know it just was tales about and it was just odd you know was not likely to have a cadre and it did seem like we might have Trent Greystone them and You know this was late. Last Century Might be a wasn't wheel. Those things as Become nowadays you know maybe more tuned to Sonali culture but I wonder if that was what it was. Because does this thing in the hotel room. That kind of frank became middle nine. I thought it was a man dressed in black dot Figure Denise told it was a big dog and as it turns out you know a large black dog is often like a spiritual guardian. So if you transgress if you break a talker it see the a a black dog of that Taco can can obtain itself. Do you know what I mean. I'm not never but maybe that's what it was us. Yeah they're black dog Stories from around the world and actually needed end of the book. We meet at parapsychologist. That's a columnist from England. Signer sorry he was travelling around New Zealand gun places prices and he made Hussy Camera Gatien with us which is really cold and Studying black dog stories from different cultures including museum so that was his personal hobby. Has this little hobby interest to find out Lead dog so I guess we had one of those for at least an Easter. Yeah that's quite interesting about your guest. What history book? That was my fear fist impression. That hit me straight away as soon soon as as soon as I saw the photograph without even reading your experience was like Oh they took something with them from the and I I could feel it straightaway. Yeah I feel it. It's interesting 'cause took us a while to come to that conclusion but it took us a while to consider that is edmonstone possibility. Don't really have any conclusions done award awards. I'd say the strong possibility and it's interesting that you got that feeling about a year just from the photo from the fist time. I read your book even before I got to experience later on as soon as I saw that photo since since I saw that fighter I thought this something just something just doesn't feel right about that. So yeah that was really interesting and found it to be quite fascinating. I'm going to put a link on the episodes page on the. WWW DOT wilkin the shetlands dot com. PODCAST has to be signed to your book on Amazon. And you'll get people visiting. It could no longer available in print or so. I'm told a there's a whole pile of boxes on minimum. We have somewhere but I was trying to get some copies up condoms so so valuable that the digital now now now a digital book is stock is not get paid if they sell a copy. Sodas Joe Divy Co author of the book yet you the digital books good achievement in the hot coffee crop up on trade McKay Cherie and seeking a bookshop. Kinda Kinda funny. See that but it was driving Brian. You can pick it up quickly trust. I paid forty dollars for mine. Your good because I've got some of that but some of I'm trying you don't get anything but it's it's just it's getting hops. Fine now is what I'm saying Chris for it. Maybe they might. Maybe the publicist Redo it. We'll tell you what I doubt I'll reprinted but you never know. Go tell you what I still stand by presenting the book and it's a we whilst we wrote it but a rated myself recently video radio SIERRAS and I have learned a lot since then but I don't want to retract anything. Do you know what a me right. Fried of coolest Louis because this is what you knew at the time and we're always learning and always learning new things but I've really liked spooked. I like the way you'll hated. Hey today out. I like the way that you go into the scientific speak up and yet you don't discount the possibility that will a- something else you know. Well I feel you have. I feel like you have a healthy balance in the book. That's pretty hard to maintain that balance. Is You know some people would just say you sitting on being so he refused to commit one way or the other 'cause you get it from both sides thoughts because of the look a member of New Zealand skipped aches and I find that interesting. They're really clear to people and boy. If you WANNA know anything about anything saw typical medical you know you just ask about it on facebook group and is only speak Gore just now about stuff actually punched people but I would have to say maybe cooling monoculture. The culture is a little bit harsh. But what I would say is a lot of people. Chicks come from a similar background and I mean it's not a bearded white men lie mace by woman but there's not many people outside of European culture for example they're a mini. Might be wrong there. Many sort of artists more scientists and artists. So the that comes from a place and I think that's good price in one state too but it's far from the only speak to understand that about the danger of people knew that's one five fifteen. A fraction fraction of people on it is actually Shia that rational analytical perspective on life and the world the other eighty Fox Fox have different perspective. But I think that's really interesting. The fifteen seat thing the arrival of time. What about the other eight five? Let's see what about otherwise. I'm looking at things. And that intrigues me. Right you get shot by both sides not signs skeptics shooting at me because they're not they're actually quite accommodating all what I'm doing with the paranormal but I also get shot at by people who are antiseptic coast skipped had a bad name. You know the wood has a bad connotation people figure that mean cynical and UH in some cases some people it does mean cynical. Skeptics can be quite dismissive of people with other world views. Do you know what I mean. And it's it's hard to sit in my tiny balance and but he on the one hand rational and kind of scientific and on the other hand the open and it's like standing on at each and the winds blowing from both directions and you can sway one way and sway the already easily. That's She'd maintain it's difficult balance and sometimes doing a paranormal investigation. You get pulled much more to the if you like the believing side that you really have to be much more open because I win Con Hodler. Skeptical go.

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