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Capitol Hill location. We learn about it from co most Corwin hate Cafe Racers owners Cindy Ann and Jeff Ramsey tell their Facebook followers they have found a new home for the eclectic, arts oriented cafe at 15 21st Avenue between Pike and Pine. Cafe racers. Previous owners closed the original Roosevelt neighborhood location in 2017, 5, years after a gunman opened fire inside. Four people died, including Gloria Leonidis, remembered by her husband, Tom. All of us deserve to walk around in life and have some degree of safety and it's a bit scary, too. Know that we're exposed to somebody like that. That decided to settle his differences with a gun and and Ramsey took over the cafe, but the pandemic shut them down and they relinquished the space. Now, the owners say they'll take over a space formerly occupied by a bar called the Barsa. They tell Facebook friends. It's a bittersweet victory because the cafe is leaving the Roosevelt neighborhood after 17 years. Corwin Co. Mo News. Some landlords are speaking out against the Seattle City Council's latest steps to help renters They telco most Nick Pop. Um it only delays larger problem That makes me really sad. Marilyn um, is at the end of a rope, so we are making the decision not to continue offering long term rentals in in Seattle. One of the final straws in that decision was the City Council's decision. To approve these three ordinances that provide defense to renters and force landlords to have a quote just cause to evict someone. She owns two properties in Seattle, but says she isn't alone in wanting to stop renting. Because Jim says these ordinances designed to protect tenants against corporate landlords are ending up harming small property owners like herself, she says, because of that people's only option for rent in the city will eventually be from major ownership groups. But to people who support the legislation that was passed, these laws are more important in protecting people who need help during the pandemic. This isn't about property rights. This is about human rights. Rented protections don't prevent landlords from providing housing. It prevents renters from being homeless east of the mountains. Connell High School has won a partial appeal against sanctions banning it's basketball teams from post season play after a racist incident last month. We get the details from GMOs Carlene Johnson, the South Central Athletic Conference and band, Kanell's Boys and girls basketball teams from post season play following a video that showed a couple of student fans shouting racist comments at two members of the Zilla girls' basketball team. Loria Oliver is the mother of those two girls who were targeted by the comments. She spoke with Chema news. Hopefully with all of this awareness, and they know that people are watching, I don't know how to help them myself, but hopefully they'll reach out and get some help. Now Cornell appeal the sanctions to the W I a A and the association said this week. They're overturning the sanction that band Kanell's teams from playing in the postseason. They will also allow parents to attend those games, saying there was no evidence of either student athletes or parents contributing to what happened. Other sanctions will remain, though Carnell administrators, players and coaches will have to complete an implicit bias class before any participation in playoff games..

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