Washington, Greg Abbott, Hurricane Harvey discussed on NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-26-2017 11PM ET


Live from npr news in washington i'm jim hark texas governor greg abbott is warning of a catastrophic flooding in the aftermath of hurricane harvey in beers windsor johnston says what's now tropical storm harvey is virtually stalled over southeastern texas forecasters say some areas could receive an additional forty to fifty inches of rain as the storm lingers over texas governor greg abbott says heavy rainfall and flash flooding will pose the biggest threat over the next few days according to information that i was provided there's been about twenty inches of rain in the corpus christi area about sixteen inches of rain in a houston area destruction is reported to be widespread along the gulf coast with fifty counties being designated as disaster areas harvey is the most powerful hurricane to hit the us in more than a decade windsor johnston npr news major storms usually do their damage and move on by tropical storm hurry is not going anywhere fast you could walk faster than the storms present forward speed of two miles an hour mark damara has a forecaster are at the national hurricane center some areas have already had fifteen inches of rain so far peddled cumulus as the b thirty five forty and says this is a lifethreatening rainfall totals both in terms of flash flooding and then in the longer term the verifying hurries maximum sustain windsor now clocked at sixty miles an hour down from one hundred thirty miles an hour at landfall a tropical storm warning remains in effect from baffin bay to high island texas.

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