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To the ravens yesterday twenty six thirteen they are now one in one in the preseason although they've won one game and lost another something that is consistent from both games they're not tackling very well head coach Matt Loeffler address that after the game yeah we got it we gotta do a better job practice probably up the intensity level little bit a little more you know really wrap up on Friday so that's how that's how see if they become a much better tackling team in game number three of the preseason which more often than not is the thing that most looks like a regular season NFL game they'll match up against the raiders in the game that's being played in Winnipeg next Thursday of course you'll be able to hear all the action right here couple other notes from the National Football League jets at linebacker Avery Williamson is going to have season ending surgery after tearing the A. C. L. in his right knee and also charges all pro safety Darwin James has suffered a foot injury and he is going to be out in definitely walking brewers baseball after an off day yesterday they play tonight in a D. C. against the nationals brewers interactions night just one game back of the cardinals and the cubs in the National League central Adrian house are on the mound tonight he's five and five will be Patrick Corbin who it gets the start this evening for the nationals and our coverage is going to begin at five thirty all right met poly thank you very much we are at the rock sports complex in Franklin a beautiful incredible place you need to swing by this umbrella bar that's were broadcasting live from the guy behind all of this Mike Zimmerman with us live on WTMJ up.

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