Cheryl, Cortisol, Sympathetic Nervous System discussed on The Obesity Code Podcast


So after leaving the stressful job cheryl continued to put on weight and was not able to take it off the stress of her failed marriage in the fact that she couldn't be with her son added to her professional stress level which was making it hard dr jason fung talks about the connection between stress and weight gain one of the things that we've increasingly recognised over the last few decades is the role that stress and in a related hot topics sleep may contribute to weight gain so when we talk about stress now we talk about cortisol which is sort of the stress hormone in it's the sort of general activator so remember that is a humans as we evolved activated a certain number systems in response to stress so say you see a lion you activate your sympathetic nervous system which sort of floods your body with energy as you prepare to either fight or wrought so it's called the fight were flight response in either case as a general activator of the body you know your pupils died late your muscles they shunt the blood to the muscle sometimes you relax the bladder so people can p themselves that kind of thing and then as you face at lyon you either have the energy extra energy and the extra awareness to fight it more to run away in the sort of paleolithic times all stresses word in general physical in other words these are shortterm responses that is if you have that lyon in front of you you will either fight it successfully uh or you'll be debt either way it doesn't matter this stresses over.

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