Osce, Mike Mike, Patrick Downey discussed on Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio - Oct. 23: Gord Downie's brothers on feeling the nation's grief: 'This country weighs a lot'


He pointed at everyone of the osce said you're going to do a detect what mike was saying each and every one of you is going to do it so what can walk in ordinary canadians do today to fulfil that dream of gourds well um i think mike mike said you you can educate yourself um you can get involved in small ways you can you know if you really wanted to in all you i think a lot of people are herdan grieving i know we are um and and may be put some of that in two action in ah um you can spectate but in this situation you you might be bettered is to be a little bit of an actor and uh that's what they can do i'm tom power you're listening to queue on cbc radio i'm joined by mike and patrick downey gordon his brothers and they're talking about their late brother and the legacy that he leaves it's it's it's really amazing that new you through the grief that you guys are experiencing chest i know is is so deep that you you you wanna use that you want to use this moment and kinda push away your your your personal grief in and try to do something with it better well um that's truly honoring guard and that's that's what we're here doing what's what's at like knowing that the cause morning a family member like i know we were talking about this before we turn on the microphone.

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