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Happens to be my son's birthday today he's seven it goes by quick it goes by quake. This is a fun cool fact I remember in Michael, Jackson video for black and white. When the faces were morphine, you were one of the faces. Seventeen years old were you seventy? Would you remember about that particular shoot? I remember I. Think the director was John Landis. Wow Rectors think don't quote me but I think. Yeah and We had to do rehearsals for the dance number. And did it a couple times liked GOB RHYTHM This so my little arrogant seventeen year old but went to the snack table and started snacking while everybody continue to practice the dance and then get on set the director says action I do it and I forgot it. And I was like, oh my gosh. So instead of the move, I, stuck out my tongue and go. Look at that Improv it worked however, you probably got the best snacks that day. Oh my God my snacks on. To school I went back to school and told everybody Michael Jackson Zehr. Yeah. He was hanging out with everybody off not there that day. My. Friends had the story that he was there to speak at his school. You went to all girls, Catholic school right yeah, Macular Heart Highschool immaculate isn't the same Meghan Markle went to saying one that's one of the schools my daughter may be. On the Catholic school they kind of come and recruit you yet to see where you go to the high school without funding experience. That I'm to Immaculate Heart Mario Yes we want a strong woman that has self esteem. Good I. Love hearing this all. Love you know. That is immaculate. Heart Nice you're not opposed to the all girls school. Then you're cool. You're quarterback. All to hear no distraction when girls go to all grow school, they have called on Moore because what happens is and when it's a mixed sex school research shows girls get called on less particularly in math grow acts up she gets attention faster than a guy gets detention. The statistics. So they tend to accelerate mourn and single sex schools enough lot flat available for everybody. But if you have that opportunity, I, highly recommend it and Immaculate Heart raises some strong women as you can see. Megan's look at them. I love that I'm a play this interview for my daughter. Real. Right there. Before I. Let you go tyrod Just WanNa put on the spot with quick questions quick answers. Okay. Okay. Favorite show you binge during quarantine. Selling, sunset? Go to Karaoke Song. That a call our on. Celebrity crush. Growing up. Jonathan's Shek. That thing you do or. South who has the best SM- is. ooh, who has the Best Natural Smith Beside Mario Lopez. Brad Pitt has a nice natural actually Meghan markle has a nice natural size. Sometimes when you have long lashes, it just looks like you're like I think. Helping you. Okay and last one who do you cast a play you in the TYRA banks movie. Oh Riana. Ooh I. Like that get that man that was the quickest anyone's ever answered the Quick Question Quiz Bravo see that's that Catholic all girl school bringing up. Confident confident woman confident woman right there. We. Got That thing we quick Mario, exactly why I'm so happy for you. Congratulations on everything and best to your momma she knows what's yours to thank you I appreciate it, and watch dancing with the stars Mondays on ABC tyrod. Thank you so much. Thank you. With. Mario Lopez..

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