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Emails from Hilo, Hawaii. John The Goalpost has moved as far as covered rules in California, but that is in response to the irresponsible activities which citizens engage. The rules have to be flexible in a fluid situation. You're right honey Percent. Let's go to Jack calling from Oakland, Jack. Welcome to Kati on, Um, I'd like to bring the data You have got to bring it. Testing of former Governor Jerry Brown and beginning October have a news conference where he talked about testing, testing and more testing. He was ignored. The rest of media didn't take your apartment In June and July, a group of Harvard developed a 1 to $2. And then it take it home Test saliva test. And the New York Times article on that test, this test would open up the economy. It wasn't improved. I think we need a low cost ticket home Saliva test. If I'm contagious, I say home if I'm not. I grew up with a mask and go to restaurants came Sports movies school. Without the self focus of testing. Where every corn turning people who aren't contagious. We need to identify the people are contagious and quarantine. Um and this is a very important part of the solution as stars I could understand, then ignored. No, I agree. More testing is absolutely essential and it's happening. I mean, I was just watching earlier this evening. A drive in testing program in Los Angeles. We have to hope that's all we can do. Appreciate your call. Let me go to Scott calling from Sunnyvale. Scott, Welcome to KGO. Hi, John. Thanks for taking my call. Yeah, I agree with you on the basic principles. You know, things have to be shut down. I meant they just have to be that try and contain the virus. I don't know how effective it will be at this point in the long run, but I also can hear the other side as well. And it really is. There's just not enough financial support. Meant out there likely. You know, I'm okay. You know, I have a job that's pretty steady and secure. But you had a lot of people. Even before this current of Irish say we're living paycheck to paycheck, you know, just on the edge. And now there's a big argument. You know whether the $600 would be enough which I don't think it would be, or the financial support is there to begin with with this package and then Trump jumping in which I think it's bandstand. They, you know, I just I don't think he's real with it, but the $2000 check, but whatever it is, I just don't think it's enough. And when this whole thing it's over with I hope we come at some point in time will address. I don't think it will happen with by them and nothing against by them. I voted against trump more than I did for Biden. But I hope so. The economic problems that we have in this country that the coronaviruses brought out You know our brought front and center. I hope so too. I do, and I appreciate the call. Let me go to David calling from Folsom. David. Welcome to KGO John the number one thing I do is open up. The school's Newsom's gotta stop down down to the teachers union when the data does not support that. You know, it's interesting because, as you know Joe Biden, the new president has made it a point emphasized the reopening of the schools. The resistance is interesting. Resistance is from teachers, some of whom are older, who are afraid that if the classrooms air opened up, they will get the virus. Don't no way around it, but that's a legitimate concern. I'd say. Would agree with you. So give them early retirement. Do whatever you have to do. You cannot. Protect them at the at the downfall of the kid's education, the mental help everybody seems statistics. The kids were in real trouble. There's there's no no doubt. But what you're saying is true. There's also no doubt that you cannot have a situation where the schools reopen and there's mass infection. This is this is a reaction. Donna hasn't happened. Yeah, but most of the schools have been closed. That's why I have to open. There's been very little theirs and theirs and again. There's very little heavens. That kid's transmitted to each other or to adult. No, no, no, that isn't correct. It isn't that correct. Normal kids do transmitted to adults. That's the reason why Children and I know that's why that's why Children are not seeing their grand parents. There is a real fear. Why did God of Fauci say Open up the schools and people don't listen to him on the sides when we fall the damn sorry. Excuse me. Excuse me. Dr Fauci has urged the reopening of schools. With caution, and that's what we have to do. And by the way is not a God. He's a man who just turned 80 years old. Well, okay, We're gonna go to Gil Gross. Now because gills with us, Gil, How are you? Happy holiday? I'm fine. Happy holidays to you. Yeah, I mean, your listeners bring up Ah, lot of interesting things. First of all, to the couple of colors back to the person who was talking about the at home test. There is an FDA approved test. It's by a company called Lucy era. And if you go to their website, they say, we hope to have our product available in the next few months. So it's approved, But it's not in production. Yeah, and, uh, that's kind of all on them. So yes, there's something coming Self test takes about 30 minutes. But right now, uh, nothing. Thank you, Gil. Thank you for that. But it is on its way..

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