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W w. Good morning. I'm Jacky page. And these are the top stories at ten forty nine. Phoenix police say a licensed, practical nurse has been arrested on charges of sexual assault in the impregnation of an incapacitated woman. Who was in a coma we go live now to CBS news for a special report? WWE news time is now ten fifty. Through a court. Order was from thirty six year old Nathaniel Sutherland Sutherland was a licensed practical nurse or an LPN who was responsible for providing care to the victim during the time the sexual assault occurred. Inex- police spokesman Tommy Thompson yesterday. This scientists in the Phoenix police crime crime laboratory determined the sample obtained from Sutherland matched the baby Sutherland isn't talking. The twenty nine year old victim has been incapacitated. Since the age of three she gave birth to a baby boy at the hacienda healthcare facility last month. The baby is reported doing well CBS news special report. I'm Vicki Barker. And you're listening to WWE J. Newsradio nine fifty w w eight news time now ten fifty one weather conditions are improving at Detroit metro airport in planes are taking off airport. Officials say one runway the surrounding taxiways at. Ice pads are now open maintenance crews are working to reopen the remaining runways taxiways.

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