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Brad Meltzer is a good friend of mine I don't know if we even need to introduce him but he is the author of a new book called the Lincoln conspiracy the secret plot any time that Brad Meltzer is on it is always a tour de force of history welcome Brad how are you I'm good my friend how you doing very good very good I I brought a couple of things in on Lincoln that I thought you might appreciate I know you're going to hear I knew you're gonna do right now well I give it give him somewhere in the room in the studio today for anybody who's playing our game you know Glenn studio there is a link in artifact behind me that if you guess what it is you with a copy of my new book but the this I brought with me is a piece of Abraham Lincoln's coat it is actually the caller that he was wearing that night that he was shot and finally killed you can see the rest of the jacket at Ford's theater but it's missing its collar and this is the missing piece that somebody caught off of him that night which is awful senior analyst I've been accustomed to this year the cops during a military museum out Maryland but yet the jacket obviously of course so it's all the different pieces make up the whole incredible yeah and it's it's weird Brad how they treated him even as he was dying but will we get into that maybe some other time because you're going to tell a story that most people don't know in the Lincoln conspiracy and it's one of my favorite Lincoln stories tell me yeah we we all know the story of John Wilkes booth and in Lincoln's presidency but this is the story of the first secret plot to kill Abraham Lincoln at the very start because in order to be sworn him as America's sixteenth president as you know Lincoln had to take a train from his home in Springfield Illinois Washington DC and the only way to get there was to go through Baltimore early and that the time was displayed eight so the plan was simple a secret society planned to ambush link and when he came through Baltimore and end his presidency before it even began and this is the story and it's all true all really happened this is the true story of this secret conspiracy that very few people even know existed so tell me the story because with the Lincoln was like the fight what is a fifty third vote vote of the Republican Party at their convention it was a what do you call it of the convention we've been thinking it was coming for the Democrats the kind where that you either don't have a nominee so you have to go in to vote over and over and over again until you get a consensus they opted nominee you're not you're you're the the the final nominee a brokered convention is like fifty second vote was for Abraham Lincoln and then and people didn't I mean they didn't know who he was when you did know who he was he looked on the he was described at the time is uncouth and and drug tests he wouldn't grounded why did that no politician ever been uglier you they were ruthless I and and as you said they had they they go and they didn't know we what we found campaign poster and someone analyst says vote for Abraham Lincoln they spelled his name wrong on his own poster that so when he gets the more he doesn't he doesn't even know how split the country is he he doesn't know how he did he is already and how close the country is to just full on civil war Brandon may give it you know it is an incredible time in America and and as he's making this ride I mean this is she is truly unique three days after his elected three days and how much time to get them South Carolina passes the resolution same where students from the union so eight the hate mail starts pouring in and out there starting they they have no idea how the culture is splintering that's why I wrote this book is that it this time in American politics where you see the culture split into you see that whatever side you're on you hate the other side you think the other side a complete horrible people does that sound familiar to you one right it's like exactly where we are right now and it's why exactly what a great leader does not situation is you know it's it's blinking tries with all his power not to divide it with United even in the midst of this plot to murder him and and one of my favorite scene you know there's a train in the middle of the night the train at the speeding train filled with passengers and we're looking for them in particular there's two business ma'am there's a woman and she had an invalid brother but none of them are who they say they are so the the businessman is actually Allan Pinkerton famous detective headed the Pinkerton detective agency the woman is hate worn shoes America's first female private eyes either so called brothers no brother and he's certainly not invalid that they were handling can they put a minute this guy they give him a secret code name there whisking away to make sure the secret society doesn't get him and you know I just ruined chapter one of billing conspiracy but that's okay for you or any like it's been unbelievable the union yeah it is it what what's so incredible is and then maybe you would know this did they make him an invalid because I know is they snuck him out of the theater the you'll have to excuse me your fresh on the research this is years ago my research so correct me when I'm wrong but they brought him into a theater and then snuck him out to the back and they told him you gotta take the hat off and hunch down and they put like a shawl over him and he had a hundred I'm does your memory all okay well that's the thing if you're not you six four no one had even seen if you live in America at that time you didn't you didn't know anyone six four it's like trying to hide games today and and so yeah rap on him over it one of my favorite scenes in the in the whole book is one eight Callum let them they're coming to kill you we gotta get you outta here and basically then this hotel room in the middle of the night is exhausted making them look in Philadelphia you're gonna I want to tell us or just for you because you're going to love this part of it is they tell him you have an event in Philadelphia tomorrow we gotta make you skip the event when get you to the C. earlier and Lincoln says I'm not missing the event in Philadelphia no like what's in Philadelphia and the reason I think it won't miss the event in Philadelphia is because the next day in Philadelphia they are honoring the birthday of one of Lincoln's most favorite heroes a man named George Washington and No Way is George Washington I know is one of your heroes ofcourse one of mine they talk about a land like no ways Lincoln missing honoring George Washington and we found the actual speech the linking gives you goes to Philly the next day even I'll be interesting his life and he gives a speech in the speeches at independence hall he's talking about the beauty of the declaration giving everyone an equal chance and Lincoln said if we can't leave the country without that principle any pauses and he says I was about to say I would rather be assassinated on this spot then surrender and what I love is that in that moment Abraham Lincoln absolutely knows there's a plot to kill him when he says a fascinate me on the spot and it's right after that as you step we pick the right up is they would come right out of there we won't rona how it how they sneak them out but that's when they make him out of there and get to save his life I did not know that part of the story that is a great part of the story yeah I know that I was proud of that when I walked in and out walked along with like oh my gosh it's all coming together do you include anything on Charles stone Charles Palmer a stone yeah Charles stone is in the book and I'm trying to remember what we put on there he's an army officer and if the inspector I think back to general Washington DC and he has some testimony at the time because what happens is that they're trying to find this plot is you know and I love that I'm talking you would know the answer but they have a secret committee it's called the committee of five minutes you know to try and find out what this point is and the real name that they get to it the treatment committee they want to know who it is and one of the people that they bring you know Charles stone is there but they they they bring in there's a guy named Brianna Perrin Beatty and he is the leader of the secret society that's part in killing him and I inform my favorite line in the book that they will they finally have a proud parent exactly where they want under oath and he looks up at these congressmen and they say to him you know Hey stern is a barber of all things it is a barber in a Baltimore fancy hotel you go into the basement of this hotel we wish for the right password you wish for the right code words and they he will eventually tell you the secret pocket caliber handling and these are the men that they're trying to catch and they lie under oath to Congress I made like almost no different than today Congress has them right there but just doesn't ask the right questions doesn't have to be does anyone everyone kind of turning their head and they all walk out and it and Congress completely ineffectual to catching anybody it takes balance banker can and the Packers and detectives to save the day do you know the the rest of the story with Charles power a stone the reason why I ask is because he played a role in the you know the first assassination helping Lincoln during this first assassination but he he later plays a very important role in American history do you do you know that I know I know the first one no he's going to testify that it's real I don't know the end the end of the story what's that what happened at the end so so he goes to the fight in the civil war he is a guy who does not hate the south he's more like Lincoln he doesn't hate the south he just wants the civil war to end so he's fighting on the northern side but he's not he refused he refuses to engage in the you know I hate him I hate him I hate him and this this is a lot of the people in the north on north off and he set up by Congress to look like he was the cause of of this huge disaster in the battle but he wasn't even near it Congress takes him they try him in Congress they they don't really even they don't give him a chance to respond he's arrested but he's arrested without charge he's held in prison Lincoln finds out about it and it's like six months he's been in prison and Lincoln says stop it right now release him and release anybody without charge you know you're in trouble and they didn't they waited another three months finally yeah they finally released him he so discouraged he can't do his job is is name is is is another link in reference mud but he can't yeah he can't he can't find any work he is disgusted by the people that you know his country betrayed him he goes overseas he's in Egypt he does work over in Egypt for the French he finally comes home in the eighteen seventies I think late eighteen seventies and there's a knock on his door and it's the government and they said did you work with the French and they said yes and he said why would he need they say your country needs you we just got this box of stuff and all of the instructions are in French and we don't know how to put it together would you build the base for the statue of liberty and help us traveler bat it fantastic yeah and the great yeah I mean I know the guy who do train we love those those lost stories are yeah I know I know I mean we all know and you know I I listen.

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