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I thought we lost you there. It was so weird. Okay? I dropped for a second. Got scared. Listen, Gang, you know, you may have seen a little coding on cars today. This morning in the city. I woke up a little coding on my grill out pack. That's my weather gauge. This storm system yesterday passed to the north with 3 to 5 inches of Montgomery up in the portions of Of the Frederick County. Even on Western Loudon, last night's storm to this morning is down to ourselves and our friends in Southern Maryland, Down and Calvert Charles ST Mary's 3 to 5 inches of snow down in Spotsylvania Stafford, four and five inches of snow so Yes, around the city may say, what's no, but our friends to the South got in on the action this time. Good for them. So what do we? Yeah, but but the love, But if you missed out, it looks like we've got some other systems that are moving our way over the next few days. We do indeed, you know, it's funny. I forgot to mention that sometimes we joke, but sometimes they called the D C. Snow hole because literally happen all around us, but not right over the middle and once again two parts system and basically we were in the SoHo. But, yeah, we're tracking another says not today. Today cloudy and cold up to focus on that will be all right are freezing. Tomorrow A system will come by and it looks more icy, not a Big transition, but all it takes is just a little bit of ice. You know, like, you know, by 100 to 1/10 of an inch of ice through the afternoon evening, so tomorrow Just be careful. Doesn't matter of coral drive. Whatever I mean Isis ice, and if we keep those temperatures right around or just below freezing, it could become slick. Saturday afternoon. I do have some good news. It does get better on Sunday, another ice storm potential next Tuesday that one looks a little more potent. So obviously, winter is not giving us much of a break. No, it's not. And you talk about ice, which I absolutely hate. I'm sure people saw that video out of out of Fort Worth, Texas yesterday with devastating My stomach hurt watching that video of just tractor trailers, squishing cars and people. It was awful. And you just can't break on ice. So if you don't have to seriously all joking aside, man, you gotta take it. Take it slow when it comes to ice or just I don't know. Don't go out. There you go. Can I get to it Because It looks like it's all very light event this time. Nobody so it doesn't matter whether it's you know, 100 7 inches of ice 1/10 of minutes. I mean, I glazed Vice glaze of ice. Yeah, No, it's it's deadly as we saw in in Texas. It was just horrific, but on a different note, I I'm a little concerned to find out that the snow on your car is your weather gauge. Uh, it's actually on the grill, but it doesn't You know what I have to say? It doesn't answer a lot of questions about whether predictions you needed to leave the furry rodent or the guy with the grill. Okay, so are Are we in this weather pattern now, so, so we're going to so it's not what we thought it was gonna be. We thought it was gonna be a little bit Warren in the district. But it's gonna be to the South now, next week. I keep hearing like there's there's just It's like a train. There's just Storm after storm after storm is that the pattern were in? I mean, for the least the next 7 to 10 days? Yes, We're just kind of stuck in a rut where the basically of the Southern district is just shooting moisture across the country and Heading in our way into an area that's kind of stuck right in that cold pattern. So anything that comes through each and every time has that opportunity to be somewhat slick. So today this cloudy but Look chances potentially on Saturday and then again next week, potentially Tuesday and honestly for looking at the road potential next states. Well, so every couple days um there is a chance that's all I'm telling you. All right. Next Thursday. Is it still ice or do we? Is there any chance we're going to get just a good old fashioned blizzard? At some point? Thank you. You know, that's what I would like. Yes. Um, you know, I'd love to say we like with the models were saying, But honestly, these last couple storms the model. Look at poor we're all up. I mean, all of all of them place They've been just Not very good head can never get a handle on things. That's another another stress saree in my life and adding more.

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