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I think everyone as we all are frustrated fans consider. And that is. Jeff Laurie had to go through a lot of different combinations to get to and to get to the Super Bowl win it, and I think we have to go through the same. I don't wanna use were process but I think we have to go through the same learning curve, John. They don't going through when you mean in terms of what middle desire is versus who he put in place to run the team, and Halley after, you know, all all in probably close to five hundred million amortized over thirteen years. You know, I'm sure he has a strong desire to. To emulate. The need to change his pieces will hold on. About what you're saying talking about. Jeffrey Loria, went through a lot of lorry really didn't go through too much. I mean Laurie he came in. Women who came in any had railroads, and then you went out and hired Andy Reid and he was here for thirteen years. Yes, sir. And through that time they went to five championship games and watch the Super Bowl. So it wasn't a bad run made it wasn't the greatest run by wasn't a bad run. Then they go to chip chip takes him to a play off and two years later. He's gone. Then they go to Doug. Doug takes him to a Super Bowl. So it's really, really bad. It wasn't like you know, this major struggle where you look at, you know, the eagles were respectable all through it safe for maybe the foreign twelve year and these last year and save for chips last year, which was, I think seven and nine and then Peterson goes seven seven-night but that was his first year so you give them the break in the filing takes you to Super Bowl. So I mean, we didn't have that much of a struggle the Phillies, the different story. And I think everything you just mentioned just reinforces are proposing. Is that? There. They still despite all those successes gonna playoffs. We haven't been there being Phillies in quite a while. It's been three years since Mr Mandelson change management an hour. No better off. Probability of making a playoff. Two years. So. He's guys are not getting done. There's no farm system. They're no bench. Thank goodness, they got Jay Bruce, perform a country. Okay. But you gotta give him credit for that. You know, it's the way Bruce is not like trying, you know, I mean the thing they're not sitting on the hands. They are actively moving. You know, you have to look at the fact that in the off season they went out and got the most expensive free agent. They traded for remote though. They brought in cigarette. I mean they did make changes look at the difference between last year's team in this us team. You know, the fact the problem here is that Nola, you know, faltered and Harper's not hitting and the rest of the team as well. So I mean, they you can't blame the general manager of saying, you know, I'm going to bring you for not doing anything for years. The Phillies didn't do anything, you know, the Lieberthal years, you know, the borough via brave for years. It was the same SOS, you know, and the same thing with the the, the end of the, the era. One of these guys are gonna go one of these guys are gonna go gonna move them. They could try to but they share. You know, since Middleton got involved they've been proactive. You can't fault them. I been proactive. I don't disagree with you. I picked up pretty good all in. We're really good. Here's the pieces where they really okay? What have they done to develop the farm system? You know who do we have to call? I don't see you know, we don't know what we don't know. But I'm afraid that. We may be sellers instead of buyers. No, I don't think they can be they can be because they've gone to deep in, you know, I think they spend too much money to bring these guys in at one point the fills had a lot of chips, but those chips were moved to get these guys when they were moving leeann hamels and all those guys they, they give prospects but then the prospects got moved to bring in the guys that they've got now. So it's kind of like a pendulum thing where it's an either or you want prospects. Or do you want players? Well, I, I agree with you seem to be able to have both I Well, I, I look at kind of the gold standard in today's analytical approach in combination with the chief of goals in a leadership position that CO Epstein. Who was two different teams within three years. Wanna world suits in remakes get him. Hop. Me then gain here. Yeah. Boston and Chicago. And he, you know, so in terms of being Aparicio gold standard, he's it. So obviously, you're not gonna get Feo Epstein. But when you set out to say, okay, how do we compare against the best demonstrated performance? In baseball. I mean he's dies aren't even close to getting the job done. We got. Analytics, I just want to make one point good. Is it since everybody's employing? It now. Is differences. That used to be a parent. You don't have an advantage anymore because everybody else. Equalised. Okay. So now matter, he go back to something that I think I call the brilliant, basic is g you have on field leadership jersey manager, that can create a culture okay with these guys self police themselves, which go back to the police. Four analytics. But if that's the case, then what are we doing with the analytics, eight, seven to nine ninety four ninety four WIP sports time is four twenty? Radio ninety four WIP twenty twenty sports. I'm thanking the struggles continued for the Phillies on Saturdays. They thought of the Marlins at citizens Bank park and Phillies losing streak. Now six games long. That's the longest of this nineteenth season at got France key after the final call ninety four WIP and five. Relaunch to Miami, the Phillies have three one lead of this game. Thanks to home runs by Bryce Harper, recess gets the Marlins took the lead with three runs of the seven. Then with church run the loss is beginning to take it's toll on Bryce Harper and company weaving on both sides of the ball on timely hitting pitching, things like that. Here's some. Fresh force. We know that they're preparing every single data out there. Try win ballgames. The Phillies will try to avoid a sweep on Sunday afternoon. They'll send in yellow Santos to the mound for his first start of.

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