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Guy was an offense of genius in college but when you get down a florida and it's about recruiting kids yet to think about something you deal of florida state right now in jim bone evidence will not out by that he's gonna texas ain't you're dealing with miami and the rise of miami now miami's good that's as good as it gets in florida right there and that that turnover change say which want to say about it it represents swag it's as something high school kids were playing football they want to wear that turnover chain them i get on it's something cool about playing my atp plane at miami in the is back once chip kelly relating to these kids in florida who want to throw the chain around their neck a play for the u or want to go up with a tomahawk chop in tallahassee once he saw him on the offense he had an oregon it these guys who were kids then we're may be asleep four because this games starting at ten forty five pm eastern time they can't relate to that chip goes over the turnover chain and again he's going to look go he assumed you know it's flavor flavor clock around his neck be doesn't know any difference a weird guy but he's got the pipeline to the pac 12 he's been there he's recruited out there you get could quarterbacks out there look what's going on with use usc and ucla right now right they got two quarterbacks problem was the coaching in the rest of the roster they couldn't get 'em overture more juniors had a lot of talent there couldn't get anything going at ucla you could recruit at ucla chip kelly can recruit at ucla and right now we still is a crop of kids that he could recruit their in high school and might be sixteen years old 17 years old 15 years old that as they were growing up day watched him coach and run an awesome offense in the pac 12 of fun offense that they could be a part of utilised four years the pac 12 if you as she gets it done the pact while championship game will have four different winners there's so much parody in that league if chip kelly takes over ucla like he did up in the northwest with the docks chip kelly instantly is it mccall's will play off every year with ucla with his recurring out there and with.

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