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From listeners or fans whatever on on our facebook page. This matter of sending in federal agents to cities to quell protests again. These are unidentified federal agents. There's no they don't have any names. There's no badging you know indicating where they're from. They've been arresting protesters and taking them away in unmarked cars very very controversial here. you know some people wouldn't support, but some people saying well, you know if if these cities could take care of their own business that we wouldn't need to do this, you know it's clear to me Jair, and as it's been clear throughout this whole thing that there is a certain subset of the population that is just. Clearly very uncomfortable with protests of any kind, despite the fact that they are enshrined as a write in the first amendment well. I think they're uncomfortable with protests that they don't agree with. Yeah, let's just be clear. They were totally fine with what happened in Lansing. With with people who came out protesting the you know the governor stay at home mortars, and and brought guns and flouted social distancing rules in you know no-one wear masks, and so forth right? Yeah, I mean. Let's call a spade, a spade like a lot of support for the kind of actions that we're talking about here are from folks who don't live in the city and you know this happens on a lot issues having been in the city. City lived in the city awhile. I have learned that there is kind of this group of people who drank beer here for two hours at one time last summer, and now has like two years. Full of opinions when they have no idea what's actually going on here and don't wake up here. Some of them don't even work here. I mean it's just kind of crazy to me that that's the case because if any of us were. Were to go into any other said he'd be like well. You know you all are animals and Blah Blah Blah. You know they'd rightly be be angry and frankly the city resident. It's hard not to be angry about that. That kind of stuff and we're talking about these crackdowns, and all of this other stuff I'm just skeptical that it's going to work because we've tried these kind of tactics before the generally don't have long term impact except for. For, just incarcerating a bunch of people and not fixing the underlying issues of injustice and poverty and inequity and the institutional racism in our country, but you know usually the answer to this kind of stuff. Historically America has been lock them up all right meanwhile mayor Duggan switching topics here. Mayor Duggan got what he wanted with his life proposal from the city council brings up to speed there. Yes, he did. I GUESS TWO TIMES IS A. A charm, it was a close vote, but proposal N we've talked about on previous show, providing two hundred and fifty million dollars in funds to demolish fourteen thousand homes and Rehab about eight thousand homes passed city council. The swing votes came when a significant portion of the money was reprogrammed for rehabilitation instead of demolition. We went into this in detail before, but there are set aside for detroit-based companies and resident workers. So you know the plan is fifty. Fifty fifty one percent of the hours is done by Detroit residents. There's a preference towards a trait based companies. This is pretty standard. It's something that is really a goal to shoot for This will go on the November ballot for voters in the city of Detroit..

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