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You're on Westwood One powered by crtv IM Steve days, Todd, and Aaron are here with me as well. We have a special presentation coming up this, the Thursday. We're gonna tell you about that in just a moment. But first gentleman I mentioned were powered by crtv. Let's give the audience a little taste of what's coming up later today at crtv Todd, what do you want them to be looking forward to. Washing condoms. Yeah, that's a payroll thing in. Some places in America ever dawned on you that when you fully embrace a Darwinian world view you fulfill it ever ever done on you, like when you when you fully embrace the notion that you are nothing more than an animal with a slightly more evolved, cognitive decision making ability. That's exactly what you essence become. Have you ever noticed that taught? Yeah, feces flares basically, yes, yes. Understand complex languages? Yes. Yeah, this is a thing guys. I mean, the only reason the CDC is warning you not to reuse your condoms. They would not have to warn people less what guys people people were. No people doing it. Okay. Yeah. I mean, I listen, I've got a real phobia. I can't sit in a hot seat like if someone's been sitting in a seat, it's really warm. Sit there going. Yeah. I know. I know it's just like uncomfortable. So you know to me, the also don't allow leftovers in your heart and here we are throwing away. That's why every trash we look like hoarders, throw everything away. I can't stand leftovers. All right. But I, I mean, there's just an, there's an uncomfortable feeling when I sit in a chair that someone else has said in for a long time and it's hot there. She's uncomfortable feeling to me. It's unsettling. It's like, I'm sitting in them, you know, it's like they're still there. They left some of themselves behind. I get it because I'm on settled. When I sit next to you and you talk about this. Now do reusing re using condoms, but do you think. That's a psychosis man that that's that's. I don't know what else to tell you. That's that's. That's the point when the crowd outside a lot south is like. For real. That's that's now in the crowd. That's that's too much for the. That's too much for the crowd at lots house. That's that's where the crowd at lots houses, like tapping out. We're done. I just think you know, I think they were moved by the recent news cycle and the fact that way too many straws were being thrown into the ocean. They said, you know, we got to reclaim these things. We just can't be throwing these away willy nilly. They've got a little bit more shelf-life than I've given them credit for. Who's got the job awash in those not a think. Is that what is that? Another one of those jobs Americans won't do. We need to import more illegally watch center condom. It's like that scene in money python, the holy grail and the guy is just making a pile of manure with his hands. It's that guy. It's his job. Can you hear that. It's the sound of probably around a hundred people typing. I've really enjoyed your content over the last Jess crossed lines. Lester, it's the sound of of Westwood One typing out a cease and desist letter. We went here. We talked about impeaching Rosenstein of oppress new speaker of the house. But for the last five minutes, we've been talking about washing up because this was an official government statement yesterday. Aaron, what stood out to you on the show? You know, people don't like talking about that complained to the government complained? Yes, exactly. What stood out to me. You know, pretty much everything. It was just that great of his show. But particularly when we got into Trump's messaging on tariffs and how he had a win and when kind of rolling out this win yesterday on in in the rose garden, he stumbled across the messaging that should have been his from the very beginning, and we kind of get into what that was and and if you watch the show, you'll you'll, you'll know. And just like we did yesterday on the economy, we try to have an adult conversation day on rod Rosenstein. I'm just calling him both because I'm not sure which it is depending on which will you watch..

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