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Michelle, Montgomery County, Rotavirus discussed on KYW 24 Hour News


Five the turnpike and route fifty five mass transit not reporting any major delays at the moment I'm just dropping into cable W. twenty four hour traffic center Justin thanks let's take a look at this forecast joining us live NBC ten first alert meteorologist Glenn hurricane Schwartz yeah Michelle you sure you want to hear it I do want to hear you know the song kind of makes you feel a little bit better and we sure didn't get any of that today the clouds are going to continue during the night tonight below thirty eight tomorrow mostly cloudy skies we could see some pieces sign high temperature about fifty two and then the sunniest day of the week comes Thursday more sun than clouds windy the high fifty seven and then the clouds return on Friday eight fifty five AM mostly cloudy Saturday and Sunday all right thanks so much land right now at the radio dot com world headquarters in center city gets forty six and looking down to thirty tonight it's six so for the corona virus pandemic what you need to know from KYW newsradio deaths in Montgomery County connected her with rotavirus bring the total in the county to eight an eight month old is among the dozens of the latest announce cases that bush had county's total over five hundred and sixty with market would have the suburban bureau chief Jim our Montgomery County commissioner Val occurs as plans for surge capacity of the county hospitals are in the works but you can't say anything else until they're finalized as far as.

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Michelle, Montgomery County, Rotavirus discussed on KYW 24 Hour News

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