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On thursday morning. it's june. We are rolling through the year. It's funny. I don't wanna wish away this summer but my goodness i just wanna see the pittsburgh steelers playing football so i mean. Summer is great put. Yeah before you know it. That's the only good thing about summer being over as you get into football season but here we are. It's nice to be with you again here on a thursday morning if you did not catch it on mondays. Let's ride jeff. Hartmann talked about that. We did have a winner in our contest that we did from last week. I gotta get a little bit of a story a little bit of a disclaimer. From this thing. We are trying to come up with an idea of what we should do for a contest and jeff wanted to do something where everyone had to listen to all five morning shows. I'm like well just do something crazy. Were you just say a player's name. And they have to write down the jersey number and therefore at the end of the week. It's a ten digit code. Everyone who enters the ten digit code and will draw from those names. Will jeff wanted to do something where it was the first one to get it. And he's like well. What do you mean by that. And i just as a joke throughout the names which ended up being. What we did of hines ward. Joe greene james conner lawrence timmons terry bradshaw. And they're like okay. That sounds interesting. I see what you mean like. Come on bryan. Because this with jeff and brian neither of you guys get this like what. I'm like. Look at the numbers and then finally jeff just cracked up laughing. You know sending lol's and stuff on our slack channel with with the three of us where we were doing that and he's like oh we're using this. This is the real thing. So it's not that. I thought that that this that we should have used that code for those of you don't know what that code is. It's eight six seven five three. Oh nine for one to so the answer was for those of the didn't enter it. It was a jenny from the burgh. It was another word. It was a reference to the song jenny jenny. By tommy to tone. Or is it tony to remember this tommy and then for one to the area code for pittsburgh some other good answers like i didn't even realize it that would every digit from zero to nine and didn't repeat but just in a different order so there was a good answers but that was the answer. I don't know who. Jeff did not tell me who the actual winner was. And that's okay. I didn't have to know but that's the contest. We'll see if we have other contests. I'm excited we'll be doing our survivor pool. In this fall It'll be the third year doing it. And i have another sign football. I even have it in my possession already. I wanna say who it is. But i'm not going to so if anything else you gotta make sure you're going to behind the curtain dot com your one stop shop for all the pittsburgh steelers just to get in on our contests and things like that so we try to as much stuff like that as we can But that's a lot of fun that will be doing survivor. Lee this fall. I will lay out that for you on stat geek on the time gets close. But it's interesting. this week. This week was was kind of crazy was has me reminiscent a lot. It really does because first of all on monday. Which was memorial day i. It was the very last day of may. And i was counting it up that it was thirty three months that i've been with biden's steel curtain dot com thirty three months. And you're like why do you say that i'm like well. It's three months shy of three years. And the only reason i care to count that number was because i actually had my two thousand article published from behind the curtain so Yeah to two thousand articles in less than three years is out how it's gone but when you move it when you're moving on up into stuff there that's kind of what you have to do in order to get the job done. Which really on tuesday was the big reminder of. It was one year ago that i was the editor although my first day of being editor all by myself when jeff harmon had stepped away in case. You're wondering when i heard there was a chance to get jeff back. I went out of my way to get him back for those of you that. Listen to our morning podcasts. If you're listening to me to add to try to get to. Jeff i get it. I mean jeff does a fantastic job. He's a wonderful editor. We kind of her handling these responsibilities together but i still yield his expertise and he does a fantastic job. And i'm really happy that it was only two months that we were without him and there were able to get him back so that now means it was ten months since jeff triumphant return and that was also on tuesday was the five year anniversary of when i got interesting email. I was actually on vacation with my kids. At great wolf lodge it at the one in williamsburg virginia and i started getting all these messages from friends of mine that were steeler fans are like did you check your email. I'm like no. I checked by email. And it's where the steelers they sent out if you're on their mailing list they email you out. Various things with the steelers pro shop and other stuff. And what do you know when this email they were. They had just started promoting their father's day. Line of stuff because June first that's the end of the father's day stuff. And what do you know there. It was in this email. It said for the superfan dad and it was a picture of me where they take my picture at the i can't remember what they call it. It's the draft party. It's not family fest. Because that's the thing that they haven't august but fun fest might be. I'm not sure but they. They asked to take my picture mature and it was a picture of me that they used to try to sell their father's day apparel because it said for the students that for the super. I mustn't stupid for the super fan. That's where my email game from. That's why i'm Steelers superfan dad. My twitter my email. But it's too many digits to say steelers so that's why i have to say. Stl are and what's crazy. Is i have to do this today..

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