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Seventy four wind in Evanston eight two thousand twelve Tom Izzo six hundred thirteen wins Joe is thirty six four against northwestern let's not go percentages tonight look just kind of forget about them is gonna take a night off tonight with we now the Chris college the only two is not be with the big yeah it is Michigan state system as they have the final four last year for the eighth time occurs cats bring it up we have the front toward met there by which is the next step here is to order we now turn our will try a three it's offline it's good Hey Jerry Turner if the Wildcats first three pointer with at seven eighteen eleven with that reporter rose now solutions donates number Sir Paul puts the burden book bachelor Florida today works dot com slash books for buckets route being pestered by Turner high left we're spending his way inside the hall shop blocked by pyramid of valid Robbie is first second you seem like they have ready to take over all the big because Maryland when he gave me a really close to the back seat call maybe seventeen against Seton hall game won the game for I wrote down on the recorder line is good if we just turn this is it the line this is the first three rows of sixty two percent shooter Michigan state as a team seventy five percent this is like the dominated the key but look at the scoreboard feels like Michigan state is totally dominated with wasn't the only downside Jerry Jones the freshman second free throw good for all and now the cancer down eight once again nineteen eleven I don't really go for staff nobody in the spark it's all in there Mrs with school we matched up on Henry live look now the gates gate there by fall to the lower left to dance hip door that goes with side there's games on the low block put up a short jumper they'll go ahead and read out out of bounds all she could say was the ball roads repair wisely let it go is a couple of Spartans battled for that loose ball can't take advantage of Winston in the post yet W. pretty strong it really gets it in the man's hand as he spoke again about two dresses save it in the the sport did you know when it needs to go straight up and it's trying to come up behind the back toward it knowing just try to throw it to a teammate we will trigger now baseline left fifteen on the shot clock Louis looking looking down the backboard HA which reads it back before a court with twelve the shock the screen from Jones stops Jones spitting is way and only a thirty plus is it up as a no Dr Henry we've traffic will slow dance picks it up we at he lost the ball deflected off our table port side and it will stay with the state you hate those gonna turn of the work going anywhere with that just got a little anxious with his outlet passing nineteen thirteen Michigan state sixty to go first yeah Nash's which does bring it right to life met by games whistle off the ball now locations pediatric will be the first on he thirteen fell Spencer back in the Wildcats first big ten home game for answers to a new day once again there's went back to the ground let's see what happens the whole now with some of the hard bounce right wing Brownlow right to tell us to skip past every shovels bill look to halt by Jones read by bill Spencer major banks is weigh in on the wind speed ball swatted away by Henry Spencer try to steal it the ball went over the arms of Joyce Meyer port side I've never pass the ball with the one in the system and throw the referee I had when I post it's the beginning they're so long Michigan state look at their life to come down and double deflections well stays with the cats Nancy balance to Spencer while now by six the staff to close the gravel against Turner Turner step back jumper seventeen back rip no good read out till seller rating down only grows one up a circus shot Nash's Winston pretty good at it one twenty one thirteen smart is preferable to get it right now Holden looks to get back to them listed on hand off back to dance to gain her AJ our walks around the front of the shop one eight seven nine minutes eight other drives all apple floater in and out finance eight minutes put it back up it is twenty one fifty all of us got away from ground drives the right baseline lays media only three fifteen transition defense Joe they're so quickly it's a goes right around still going to miss the lamb it's still to grab the rebound here comes Winston again steps back bounces Tillman takes the three travel time cancel brigade Yang yeah first points for P. Vance on that yeah then they gave up a deuce at the other rap is surprising Michigan state might be better running the ball after made baskets here is who we all the left wing and takes a three set wow all really with it the three of the Wildcats with it twenty three eighteen just off the bench and he knocks out without a notable a little bit and the one with the three twenty three twenty you'd feel like much Winston or is it looks like there's Winstead shops wanted you have to deal with a lot of time with the triple here's the the only where two million against big companies that will give.

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