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Economic espn kozel post podcast with zach lowe you could replicate if you try to million times all the circumstances that led the oklahoma city ending up with paul george and carmelo anthony but by god they did it you half the of san presi credit circumstance decide for pal thing on them opportunistically and they rated the second round pick for the bulls is valuable theaters rated subscribe or listen to the low post podcast in the listen to half of the sp an app mike and mike if this sort of thing can happened when you were playing what do you imagine the conversations were like amongst those players as they prepare to go out there and do whatever each of them did during the national anthems there's no doubt i would have not melt there's no doubt i would have stood i mean that's the way i was raised so i don't think there's any way i would have now health or sat down so then let's take it to the next step of now players want to kneel down or shift to protest now we hit it a dicey area because i would have liked to of felt i would have understood fight you're 25 your professional athletes thank you know it all and you're a little more bullheaded so that's where it gets difficult what i of under stood that what i have said no your disrespecting the flag and then i think of the locker room and the heavy personalities we had in that locker of what would they have done in this instance and that howard i have dealt with it if they wanted to me the nfl starts every morning with mike in my span radio and espn to what.

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