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So throwing snowballs was against the law and Catholic school showing so when we were on the playground I had a long stock stocking hat as a little Catholic kids did and Buffalo New York and the 70s and so I was born in 81 Anyway it was one of it was Okay so Mary Murphy pulled my stocking cap off and then put a bunch of snowballs in my snot stocking cap So I went on the playground to find my stocking cap I pull the snowball out and then the nun caught me and I got detention for throwing snowballs Beautiful I don't know That's what it's like Poland's like you take here You take it And now we'll be like what Just saying isn't it Or asking someone to carry block a hash in the rest I don't know my solution is to fly over Russia with skittles and just hey look it's raining skittles Everybody be happy I don't know Well that's the dumbest idea yet All right Good work Let's hear from senator Coons All right Senator Chris Coons yesterday It's a fairly small percentage of the energy coming into the United States but it's critical for Western Europe The strength of our sanctions of the costs were imposing on Putin for this brutal invasion of Ukraine are more successful and more sustainable when they're coordinated So I respect the fact the administration is coordinating with our European allies and making sure that we've done the groundwork to understand how to effectively implement a ban on Russian energy I hope more people follow our lead You know the problem is we get a very small percentage of our oil and gas from Russia but Europeans don't They get a large percentage frankly will hurt more if more of those countries join us I didn't see a whole lot coverage in the news yesterday but the UK followed suit He joined us That's great That's cool Yeah is it why Nord stream wasn't completely shut down Because Germany still needed that oil And that's where Biden was kind of stuck Yeah no that was not a hard place But no Germany cut stopped I mean that was a big deal It's still going And Keystone XL Oh my God We wouldn't get it since it's a tiny amount of oil a tiny amount of jobs and we wouldn't get it for years and years so shut up with these same talking points It's good to keep doing both things Senator Coons We have to be working in close consultation with our European allies And we have to provide support for their transition to renewables and for the temporary but urgent need they're going to have to replace Russian gas with other sources Fortunately the United States is a major producer of LNG And I'm meeting with a Republican colleague right after this interview to talk about how we can find a path forward that is both climate ambitious in terms of renewables and uses American energy to buttress our critical allies Hey you know what's in build back better Is a lot of stuff about how we get off our oil and invest in renewables and stuff All the people who are screaming about that in the black gas prices maybe this would be a good opportunity to okay Well I know we can't retroactively go back but boy of gore was president If 900,000 people in Florida hadn't screwed it up So far could we have been Yes The president does not control oil prices One last one We have to realize that it's a global integrated market As you just put it it is tough to turn on the taps and increase production quickly It's not like phoning up Amazon and saying deliver this tomorrow And we are going to see increased gas prices here in the United States in Europe They will see dramatic increases in prices That's the cost of standing up for freedom and of standing alongside the Ukrainian people but it's going to cost us Kevin in Chicago you're on with Carlos hello Kev Well hello Oh so muscular is gay from Chicago Hello You know mama I'm more than just hilarious and gay I'm also really sexy too Okay Good You're almost too sexy for this call Thank you They should try to talk about that Hi Carlos Hello Good morning I love him Because he's one of my favorite jingles outside of Jodi Hamilton and of course frangela Because I also every time I think of I hear this I also think I also like my coffee like my men hot and black in between my legs while I'm driving Okay Can I do it really quick Yes Really quick send a birthday shout out One of your listeners tweeted on my birthday they listened to you for four 95 a month because they paid a year in advance And today's their birthday and I wanted to educate duster H I want to say happy birthday Happy birthday I think we were doing entirely too many birthdays We're going to become a community calendar We know how people celebrated the start of summer Okay Love you Kevin All right by the way don't worry about how racist that sounded that you just screamed ola at Carlos Okay Okay Give me the key I saw you That was adorable on Instagram Are you playing gazi with your mother I'm playing with yachty with my mom I kick her ass No We play at the senior living room I used to play Yahtzee with luella I sound like a little bit of my nanny I know we're living the high life in Los Angeles Hollywood sunset boulevard Yeah but I was mom I was a big Yahtzee kid Yeah Just saying What does your mom sound like when she plays Yahtzee Well the trees are the tools My turn did you all this No mom you rolled it Yeah Long As small as straight It's a large straight or a smallest rate It's not like I'm Carlos is my dancing poodle first and sausages So I'm just as racist really because to make him do his mom But feel free to call up and yell at Carlos and spanglish Olaf Oh look Carlos Hola Boy Nia 19 minutes after the hour this portion of the show Brought to you.

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