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What i think we had the hatred from the fact that we lost and eighty four guest to cubs. We're right they're not gonna have to door after eighty three after david took over and doc was gonna win rookie of the year and i think eighty five when we lost to the cardinals. That's where i hate your came from because we didn't have love for the car and we could not stand the car knows you know. And it was a big rivalry between us and them Because they were a team that didn't have powered. But they had speech like ozzie. Smith tommy her best calment willie mcgee. We love willy. Willy was the nicest guy so we we kinda left him but the rest of the rest of them. We just really couldn't stand and we built that up. You know after losing to them and eighty five. And i just remember seeing some of the scenery of that in that in that film Us losing in nineteen eighty five walking out of that dugout in knowing that we lost to the car and you know coming back into spring training. We just build up inside of us that we just didn't like these teams and we just needed to. We need we just needed to stone. Put our foot on top of them and like you said we you know. We got tired of teams. Don't stomping on us and it was. We wasn't gonna let you put your foot in mouth anymore. We were gonna put off foot in your mouth and that's what it came back to eighty six man. We have so many guys that love the fight you know and that was far too baseball back. Then if you got drilled in situations than we feel like you know you should begin drilled man. We don't fight. Man was know just kind of group of guys we had. It had nothing to do. Just lenny it had to do with the whole group of guys. Kevin mitchell kevin. Mitchell was bad if we got an middle of fighter. Mitch will be where in metro metro would be somewhere trying to kill somebody you know. And that's just that's just what it was a part of our team. You know we. We didn't like the other teams. Because i like. I said before they thought we were thinking we were hostage up but in reality was guys we were really good. You know that year and we. We started off slow and everybody thought well. Yeah like they don't really have a great season and then we just took off and we just ran away with the national league decent. We just knew at that time that we had that in front of us and we have more in front of us wants. We got into the playoffs. Don't talk about that. That eight four eighty five season What was it that you guys were missing in. Eighty four and eighty five That you guys figured out in eighty six that got you guys over Eighty four. We missed a guy like harder in the lineup. Catcher like say we had a we fitzgerald catcher. And but he was good catcher but he wasn't a guy that we needed like in. We need more of a guy in office aside to with a right hand bat. I think that's what we were missing a big right hand bat in the lineup that was threat and eighty four and we lost to the cubs. I think only way to 'cause meet us in eighty. Four rick sutcliffe came over with sixteen one. Astor only way they beat us. You know we had them if we if it wasn't for him coming over and going sixteen in one for them we would have wanted to visit. I think a lot of people don't understand we will win in ninety two ninety five games a year. you know Starting from the eighty four. I believe and then eighty five. We came in. We fell short against car knows They just had a better run. I think the cardinals had a better run than we did down the stretch. And i think we we realized that we blew a lot of games that we should have one and we would have been in first place and we put ourselves in a situation where we had to go into saint louis and we had to go to had the sweep down and we did and we wanted to i to believe but we did. We lost last game. i think it was just. It was just a heartbreaking us in and we just knew coming back into the eighty six spring training there was a fresh look about us a fresh attitude about all of us because we had all the pieces in place and now it's time you know to put it together. It was no more time to talk about. It was a time to actually. Just go out. And do it. And i think i think what happened in eighty six team was we knew how to come back and a lot of games. We can be down in the other team building high five and like won a game. It's like this is only the only the fourth inning you are. They kidding kidding us. And we're just like let's just turn it on him guys in and we would just turn it on. We just knew how to come back. And i think that's what magical was about their team. It wasn't just like when we came back in the playoffs. We we had to come back in in the playoffs. All time against the astros we had to come back against ryan knepper. We had to come back against those guys. They were up. We had to come back and we had a group of guys who knew how to come back in eighty six. And i think that's really what got us over the hump. I you know what your instincts i think. We're right on the eighty five cardinals. I i was working a little paper in illinois and the cardinals were one of the teams that we covered and There were some guys on the team. That weren't so nice. I don't if you knew them or you just hated them by instinct. But i mean you know vince. Coleman john tudor. they weren't such nice guide so maybe had good instincts there. At least that's what i got out of it anyway Talking about the comebacks though. I mean incredible houston What what's your recollection of houston in. Also boston coming back and winning against boston houston. It's it felt like to me that Watching the thirty for thirty two guys that team that just felt that scott was not going to be beaten for whatever reason i guess you felt he was cheating whenever was he was not really beatable. And you need to win that game. Six which is one of the greatest games of all time and then of course the game. Six of the world series is the most remembered game of all time and Just incredible. I mean i think keets said he was in the davies office. You say given up but he didn't want to be part of these. See the celebration of the red sox on your field. Where where were you at that time. Were you watching it..

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