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Who has controlled selfinflicted pain to deal is uncontrollable suffering so he's torturing himself 'cause he realizes his own body is turning against them so he feels like he can win this victory by causing the paint himself before his by turns against them how does he do that explicit scenes of genital selfmutilation roger ebert quote one the most agonizing films i have ever seen go look up sick the life and death the buffalo also very well reviewed critics like it's a great film screwed up but it's great and the most disturbing murray of ever seen nineteen seventy six an nc seventy rating it's a japanese film called in the realm of the census bureau real movie geek you've heard of this one nagisa oshima disturbing to say the least chamber drama upper roddick obsession is based on a true story of a woman arrested in tokyo a nineteen thirty six in possession of her lover several generals the fictional lovers tetsuya fujian aiko matsuda having exhausted their sexual repertoire begins strangling each other to sustain their pleasurable sensations bringing sex to a deadly conclusion this is from entertainment weekly hundred great movies of all time they had at number ninety nine on the top one hundred four films and they call them some kind of great movie certainly with plenty of contemporary resonance also measure for badly tenant which is a great way that i love mad dog rousseau from mike in the mad dog plays the guy the playbyplay voice who hurry tell us listening to tell plays a bad lieutenant noname but a brutal guy drugs sex vows you name it and he's betting heavily to show to jerky spinning heavily against the mets at mets dodgers world series so that the the crazy thing is mad dogs was i have no doubt strawberries up and cut tells the only guy who's so rotten up these tree against the mats he goes berserk in one seaman strawberry it's a home run pulses guts of shooting up his radio all going to say there's a scene with two teenage girls you will never forget.

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