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Exercise, and we've even started agility training with her anything to keep Sadie happy and healthy. We got her health results, too. She tested positive for MDR one, a serious sensitivity to certain drugs. That's something we can tell her vet that can save her life. I recommend embark, tow any dog owner. Test your dog for 350 breeds and varieties and screen for 190 health conditions. Embark is the highest rated test on Amazon and the most accurate dog DNA test. Go to embark that dot com and use promo code Talk to get $50 off a breed and healthkit that's embark. Vet dot com Promo code talk to save today. From the heart of the Carolinas. Voice of reason. Noises of stability, humanity. I'm on a journey, the pursuit of truth, not just fax to fill the head but also life changing power to change hearts and transform minds. A journey of relationship to connect people of goodwill everywhere, ruled upon civil society transcend tribal divisions with timeless values and love a growing coalition of choice, not coercion. Are you with me? Radio program. What's going on? Good morning. It is August 4th. And Vince Coakley is not me. I am not him. He's feeling a little under the weather today. And so I am Pete Kallen are filling in for him. I am a former radio host Radio reporter. Do my own show on radio dot com. It's a free daily podcast.

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