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Feel. Shame shame. Shame shame on shaming well, got to be shave. You randomly shut down the facebook stream. We're all trying to glorious listeners more I was trying to respond to one of those gloriously respond by shutting down the whole stream. Ago Folks you here right here on real radio one or four point one when Selena can't take the pressure he just shuts down the geniuses at facebook decided to design the livestream function in such a way that when you want to comment on something the button right underneath it that should say submit comment is actually the button ends the livestream. So you ended the livestream everybody lost. Do you have anything to say to folks who are diligently watching and supporting? Come back to Thursday part to it's already zero remorse. So sloppy. Now, this part up there had one day where there's three parts of the show on facebook. I don't mind. I hope other program directors aren't looking at the facebook page today. Sim, Baresi and we're on in West Palm for Friday Monday Tuesday. Thank you. Can you make sure you don't have seventeen parts of the livestream when we're on down there I can I don't make any promises? Oh. My God. A lot of people were commenting texting that Dr, Dre wife is an attorney herself and let. Dead. That's true. I didn't stutter. They said that in a couple of articles they mentioned her background and they said before she met Dr Dre she may have been working as an attorney working at an attorney's office is not a lot of information about her but the divorce is based on the pre-nup and she's saying that he either ripped up the pre NAMPA or swore that he didn't believe in it anymore and just trying some different tactics to get out of that prenup socially she could get some some money. Can you make sure this is real before I read this because I guess see Dr Dre fell in love with this Nicole Young Lady. And she was married at the time she was married to an NBA player as best I can tell and he just saw her and fell absolutely in love with her I'm trying to see if she was married to Sedale threats over your Sadullah threat and stayed with him for three years. This is an NBA player and Dr Drey wrote her a letter. After I guess he met her somewhere maybe at burning man or something, and do you want to hear this letter real quick Burning I guess so much stores Oh. This is a letter purportedly from Dr Dre Chew Nicole Young who ended up being his wife while she was still married to the NBA player Nicole. This is February twenty, six and nineteen ninety-five. Hopefully. You're doing well, and you realize you need to quit F ing with the NBA Player and come home to your doctor. I will take care of you baby girl. I'm in Nevada with hype looking at spots for this new video were shooting for that sin single i. told you. That's going to be on my next record called California. Love. We. He said that single I told you park. On out called California. Love we met a bunch of crazy naked. In the desert. Today. They were putting up some type of. Giant. Giant would man. Stumbled upon burning man guarantee real some there's no way. This is real. Why wouldn't it be very oh, he's stumbled upon a much in indicative deal the desert putting up a woodman and he doesn't know what burning man is at the time burning man back then was just like. was. Worn out I guess they have February of Nineteen Ninety five. Yeah. But look this up make sure this real because I saw a couple of things and said, this was real I. Guess they have a big party out there for a bunch of days I ask them how much they pay and they said nothing I was like no money somebody should get behind this s and make some loot off these fools because they said there were at least be five thousand people I. Think I will have my office look into just to see if there's easy money to be had here. I'm about to pass out girl wish. About to out girl wish I was up in that A. C. Your back. La Drag. I'll say. That's real I think. That's the no the made her leave. The was with guess. So we've got rid of the NBA player Dr Drown Bob to pass out girl wish was up in that as well. When you read that poetry, I mean anybody would beautiful thaw. Damn right. See you back in La and so when did they get married? If that's the case can somebody figure that out real quick twenty, four years they were married. So he wasn't really rich or anything when they first started got married probably nine or so yeah, I might have had some money but Dr Dre made a lot of his money from the beats by Dre deal and from some other. billion. Yeah. So I, mean she was with him through all of these different steps and then it was all based on pre nup that she signed in the nineties. So he got his big money after the chronic is solo debut nineteen, ninety, two billions billions, and billions was the the beats but it was definitely lives there and made him one of the best selling American music artists of nineteen ninety-three or the grammy, and then several accolades after that with the stuffy. Snoop, and Warren G snoop. Bring Your Green Hat During the two thousand T-. Focused on producing other artists and then ninety eight, he signed EMINEM. Rolling in the dough. So he was rich, but he wasn't like as no anywhere as near as rich as he is right now and I met her. I don't know I. Really Just I. have some thoughts on that I think if somebody. Like. When you look at the the Amazon Thing Jeff, bezos made a whole lot of money and his wife got out like half of his money which they're still.

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