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It's Monday September twenty eighth. I'm Kyle Sour Hoffer, and here's your local news from the Los Angeles Times brought to you by consumer reports standing for truth fairness and what's right for consumers consumer reports has been on your side since one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, six with information you can trust on home auto food health, tech money and more learn more at CR dot org slash consumer. Today will host some sizzling sunshine with a high around one hundred and one degrees and a low tonight of sixty six our top story nearly two weeks after Labor Day, holiday the, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Senate and not seen a surge in corona virus cases associated with the end of summer weekend health officials cautioned that it could still see an increase in cases. Associated with barbecues and other weekend gatherings which have been known to facilitate the spread of the virus. They said however that it was unlikely that the county would experience the same kind of spike that occurred after Memorial Day and July fourth. In the meantime, the county's overall covid nineteen case positivity rate has dropped from three point nine percent one week ago two, three point, one percent. In other Virus News, Los Angeles County. So I continued to climb in the number of people with serious cases of covid nineteen this weekend with fewer than seven hundred patients hospitalized yesterday during the summer surge. There were three times as many cove in nineteen hospitalizations. The county trend comes amid broader declines and hospitalization statewide, but there's little optimism that the improvements will hold state officials said Friday that they expect to see in eighty nine percent increase in Cova hospitalizations over the next month. In fact, many regions in the state of already seen increases in the rate of cases per one hundred, thousand residents. An emergency room visits were up last week across the state. In Business News to New California law laws will require APP. Based delivery companies to work more closely with local restaurants and drivers before advertising their menu options, the laws were signed by Governor Gavin Newsom last week and means that companies such as door Dash Grub post mates and do breeds must sign formal agreements with restaurants before advertising food delivery to their customers. Furthermore, second law requires at based companies to ensure cleanliness and temperature controls in transporting the meals to customers..

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