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England and i think for a few other teams in the draft as well. Okay so there is this bermuda triangle of sorts looming in the first round. That teams must be very careful to navigate but there is this other name that has been lost in all of this. Meena peniche sewell. The offensive tackle from oregon is someone. I've heard you talk about before. And i wanna give him his just deserts here. So for those who have never seen pineda's sewell when you watch tape of him. What do you see i would say. He's three hundred thirty pound teenager. Actually the tape is from when he was nineteen years old which is pertinent who moves like a canned pablo. That shouldn't be possible. Good his he is already. I think just incredible prospect for that age with that level of experience and then his athleticism is off the charts as well you can see why he's been earmarked for the bengals for so long. Given obviously there needs at offensive line but recently there's been some question marks about whether the bengals might actually take him at pick five beyond the fact that is perfect because he's also a very big cat it turns out why would the bengals possibly pass on this guy. It's a question about a specific team but also about how you view football how you view the right way to arm a young quarterback because there is a school of thinking that hey you gotta do whatever it takes to bolster the offensive line especially after what we saw. Joe burrow going through year. But there's an alternative school of thought that says well actually give young quarterback weapons. That's more important. I personally would go assume. Well i think offensive line is more important but there is a counter argument that says one of the weapons and frankly there is some uncertainty now about what cincinnati is going to do so i also like all of these selections are turning into think pieces. So let's broaden out to another one because those weapons you mentioned. I'm looking at the receivers available in this draft and it does seem like a bigger picture thing might be happening there. It seems like there are many good answers at that position. The top eight white house. I believe our grading out at eighty seven and up by scouts inc. So what positions do you think are looking especially deep in this particular draft so pablo the wide receiver classes really interesting. Because i think there a group of guys in this first tier tamar chase. Devante smith jalen waddell. I also really like reshad. Bateman out of minnesota and. then there's this incredibly deep second tier and on the other side of the football quarterback is also quite deep. I'm going to go thank peace again. The fact that both of those positions are deep. I think speaks to the changing nature of football as it's gotten more spread out and pass heavy. You're seeing a lot of talent guys catching the ball and then guys trying to stop the guys catching the ball. So you're original. Think piece as i know it in. Nfl analysis has to do with running backs. And so i want to get to that position now because meena. What do we really talk about when we talk about running backs as many pieces to be headlined. Because i'm looking at najji harris out of alabama. I'm looking at travis. atn clemson. They seem like incredible college. Players also players that tend to be left for the end of draft prospect discussions. What kind of impact are we looking at with. Players like that pablo think. Harrison are both incredible talents. I think they could have an impact day one in the nfl. I also think that if i was running l. team i still without draft either them in the first route artis that's just out positional value in the fact that we've seen teams in recent years find that value at the running back position later in the draft. You know last season when the chiefs drafted clyde edwards helaire out of lsu at the end of the first round people pointed to that and said see. Here's an example team. That's running back away. And as we saw this season progressed. They probably would have been better off spending pick elsewhere all right after the break. I want to dig it in on. What all of these other teams need. And how their fans should psychologically preparing to feel on thursday all right. So i want to discuss what's at stake for the people behind these all important decisions and i want to start with the cowboys your meena. Because i didn't even know that teams were allowed to just post tape from their pre-draft interviews the prospects on twitter but here is what dallas owner jerry jones of course told kyle pits to have you come into this league again Man what a fair up we could do with old back prescott those guys if we get their options to get the ball so we can dream visions of sugar plums around here. We've talked before about how the cowboys roster is especially top heavy menas. So what through your mind when you heard that tape from jerry as dallas's needs in particular are concerned. Oh my god is he actually going to do it and buy it. I mean trading up for kyle pits exert number ten right now if he fell to them by the way. It's different story but we're talking about trading up and we're talking about eighteen. That was terrible on defense class cheering like every year ahead of the draft. Pablo i go through rosters and try to identify polls basically on the depth chart. Dan lewis has holes at every level on. Defense cornerback edge. Rusher defensive tackle safety line. I mean it's just it's a disaster on the side of football. They did hire dead quinn to be their defensive coordinator and hopefully that'll help but there's a reason why everyone has been basically writing. Patrick ser tan the second in pen for down. Because they need a cornerback. That said the football geek in me would love to see kyle pits in that offense. You know how people call dallas the star it would turn the offense into the death star. I mean i. This is an offense that before dak prescott got her was dominating they were scoring. Nearly forty points were still losing however because it turns out you do have to play defense as well Yeah right. So i want to stick in the nfc east for a second that terrible division. That is now a super interesting to me because okay yes. Washington football team did sign ryan fitzpatrick who had a better. Qbr tom brady. I don't know if you've heard that. But that is actually a fact that i will begin to say and forever say at this point but also because after winning the division at seven and nine last year they have real talent along the line. They have real talent at receiver. So what needs derive its patrick's washington football team. What are they need to address this week. Well some might argue quarterback pablo. How dare you. I don't think washington sees it that way. They didn't go nutri lances second pro day which i thought was pretty telling. They are apparently reading. The tea leaves. It seems like they're not going to try to move up in the draft. Picking in one thousand nine hundred unlikely. A quarterback will be available there. They do have another very glaring lead which is left tackle. It was the weak link on their offensive line last year. So i suspect that.

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