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Get started and pay no application fee if you apply by August 31st. Learn more at UMG C dot EDU slash podcast. Certify to operate by chef. I'm not just saying this because he's here, but Barron was such an amazing, just a talent. Like, passed the ball, get everybody in it. He didn't really have to shoot the ball. Him and Jason Kidd to me and, you know, Magic Johnson and, you know, it's so many of them. So I'm gonna give you, I'm gonna give you magic. I'm gonna give you Jason Kidd is my next one. I go baron. I go Steve. And I mean, it's so hard. Well, jump out when I played, right? Okay, whatever. Well, magic wasn't when I played, but everybody else was. It's hard man, 'cause I love Steph Curry. I love him so much, but I think Steph Curry is more of a because my point guard and I have to explain this because my point girls are like baron Davis. My prank rods are Jason Kidd. My point guards are a Magic Johnson. My point guards are like Mark Jackson. You know, because they were past first, even Steve were more of a score. But like these guys would pass and not just pass because you're passing, but just pass because it's like playing chess. They were like playing chess in the game. And watching them, it was amazing, you know, Steve Nash and, you know, Mark price and John Stockton. That's right, hard to really give you a top 5 because how I looked at a point guard was making sure everybody eats. And Steve did that, right? Steve's getting 8 assists in 9 assists a game, you know, Steph Curry, you know, he gets his assist a game, but certain guys, that's what they did first. They did that first and I think Steve was just an athlete, you know, Steve was just so amazing. But I would go magic, I would go Mark Jackson, Jason Kidd, Mark Jackson. Barron and John Stockton, because it was just for me being a two guard, you know, I'm running that floor. I knew what they were gonna do. You know what I mean? So, you know, and then, you know, I'll trickle with my other guys after that. Okay, so. I'm gonna name my point guard and I'm just gonna give him a jump shot because he did everything great. Jason Kidd, that's my point guard, and I'm gonna give him Steph Curry's jump shot. Or even Mark prices jump shot. But everything Jason Kidd to me, he was 6 four. He was, you know, strong, he played D, he got everyone involved. Jason Kidd can win a game on ten points, 8 points. And everybody's eating. Like he was fast, right? He has anticipation skills were off the charts. His basketball IQ was no other. I mean, you don't have to be 6 8 or 6 9. You don't have to, I mean, you know what I mean? He just 6 four. Super smart, he was winning since he was in high school, grade school. I mean, really, did we lose? And you know, we're just Stephen Curry shot, you know what I mean? Just for me, that's the perfect kind of point guard. Well, I think there's a few different things. That we have to really understand. As mentors first is be vulnerable when you explained when you explain to younger guys how to become the best version of themselves. And when I say be vulnerable, let them know you were scared. Let them know that, you know, the night before this you did that. You know, you have to be very specific, right? It's gotta be, it's gotta be humbling. And then now when I go into that perspective or that explanation of what you need to do, first you need to understand yourself and your limitations. Then you have to understand your boundaries, right? Because I think to be successful, the most important thing is your boundaries, right? Whether your mother, your father, your girlfriend, your Friends, your boundaries, you have to be strict with yourself and that's what Kobe did. You know, he getting arguing with mom and dad, right? He can argue with this person. Because he understood his bound. You know, he had boundaries. And I think that's the first thing that you have to understand is being strict with yourself, understanding that it's okay to feel anxiety to feel fear, to feel pain, to feel scared. And once you really start to embrace that and understand those uncomfortable feelings, then you start to introduce them individually within oneself and say, okay, listen, I know how this feels with 5 minutes left in the game. Okay, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to breathe. The rim may change in the ball ain't changing. It's just your mindset's changing. So how do I control that? So if we can start at a very young age learning how to control those things, I think that will help you get to that next level faster, right? To that next chapter faster, right? To finish this whatever series of books

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