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Uh from teenagers in people in our 20s and that men a wild anthropological look at the what people wanted to be told was okay and i had always said to myself that i would never it about sacks but when i looked at the way is that people had questions that they really wanted to feel safe about in terms of things a gender in consent i felt equipped to deal with that and so i when i was twenty three might create a partner and dream agent dan tertia at icm contacted me after there was this new york times i think sunday styles feature about rookie in about me as an editor and we got together it was like he's may create a partner throughout love the span and we really figured it out together and i just i was like what about a book that citizen who is a kia but what about this thing the also do really law in a focused way and so we sold the book when i was twenty three it at twenty four nights when i was also editing rookie all day every day and fronting enormous i and freelancing and yet came out last year when i was 25 selling it was really interesting because it got to hero his name is andy ward do you know our don't actually andy word is the nonfiction editor random house previously yeah previously i believe was the either who's a gq and details when that was a thing but this man is the best editor you could ever imagine i used to listen to his long form hot podcast notes by hand about how well he thought about at a day.

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