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Fall brawl if i'm not mistaken and i do remember actually watch in his life life when it aired steve had a busy night he was in a battle royal a fifteen man better royal that was won by elegant after he eliminated oz steve austin did have an elimination he did throw out tracy smothers of the young pistols at the time but he ended up eliminating himself along with barry windham. They both fill out the ring together. Steve did not win the battle royal but he did. What a match later the night where does w._b._z. Champion steve austin along with lady blossom defeated w w six man tag team champion tom zinc. I don't remember him being the six man tag ship for who else who was with at the time was it was pistols but yes steve austin defeated. Tom zink thank yous. The old finish from the randy savage tito santana intercontinental title change where austin was being picked up in back suplex by tom zinc and austin in the middle of the move hit. Tom zink with a foreign object so that's what happened. In one thousand nine hundred nineteen ninety-two check this out in endow texas at the sport atari him steve austin defeated dose w t._v. Champion ricky steamboat a non title match that is the match result but in my research at the history we have w._b._z. Dot com there was a report at the very top of this entry said an elderly man who attended shows at the sport aurium for thirty years tried to shoot. I'm jake roberts. I wonder if steve has any stories about that. Maybe he remembers that because that sounds like a wild incident and i wonder what was going through the locker room at the time when that happened but that's your day and steve austin history for september fifth coming up after the break we are going to hear from gabriel iglesias on classic episode of the steve austin show. Are you ready to push the football n._f._l. Season kickoff this happening this week and it's time to get in on all the exciting action all of us.

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