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Guys willie geist here with another episode of the sunday. Sit down podcast. My thanks is always clicking and listening along. We stepped away from sunday today on. Nbc for the last couple of weeks while the network carried coverage of the tokyo summer olympic games. But we are back and back in style. If i do say so myself with one of the biggest stars not just in country music. But in all of music luke bryan. Luke already had risen to the top of the country game with number one hits entertainer of the year award selling out football stadiums across the country when he took a job in two thousand. Seventeen as a judge on american idol sitting alongside lionel richie and katy perry and growing his audience his appeal even more. He's one of the great guys and he invited me down to nashville to sit and talk with him in a studio called ocean way that sits along the famed music row It's a place where he's recorded some of his albums. It's one of the little houses and in fact this one ocean way is a converted church. Sit along the street. If you've never been there it's really cool just to drive up and down and see all these little houses where music history has been made in some of the most famous songs in the history of music have been recorded we got together to talk about his new docu series called mike. Dirt road diaries. That's also the title of one of his songs which traces his rise from the peanut farms of south georgia. Leesburg georgia to be exact to the top of the music world. You know about his success. You also may know there's been a lot of tragedy in his life. His older brother. Chris was killed in a car accident literally the night before. Luke was set to leave georgia at age. Twenty and go to nashville to chase his dream. Luke stayed home for five years after that to be with his grieving. Family delayed his dream but he got there soon after his sister died suddenly. His brother-in-law died luke and his wife caroline who was awesome took in the couple's three children It's an amazing story coming from where he has come from rising to where he has risen and all the bumps along that road. So i'm excited to bring you a great conversation with a truly great guy luke bryan right now on the sunday. Sit down podcast break cosima. Good thanks for being in the town. We're in this is made a lot of music in the student. I was gonna say you recorded in here. Yeah we You know it's funny with with studios in nashville and stuff you. Can't you do a couple of albums in one and you're like well let me try this out so you count you kinda pop around to different studios and so yeah. I spent a lot of time here in ocean way and got a lot of and there's been some really amazing stuff that i've got to do in here and it's good to be back here in the heart of music run. This is it. This is it. You've been as we sit here. You're getting ready to head out on tour. Yeah how much have you missed those live audiences because this docu series that we're gonna talk about. It became very clear to me that about the age of eight or nine. I needed a craft. Yeah i mean. I tell you you know i. I did have to be careful of that. Because you get in the habit where you just count to assume the role of trying to make everybody laugh and entertain. Everybody hadn't had been doing that well other than you know. Obviously thank god. I was able to do some of that on auto but but yeah i mean i tell you what you know everything i do in music. I mean the reason why moved to nashville was to set in motion said motion me getting on stage in front of people. I mean when. I love georgia. That was all i knew. Was you know playing in front of no matter. The venue the crowd the birthday party or whatever it was all about making people have fun and enjoy themselves. And i mean when you remove that element out of my life. I mean it took some. It took some reprogramming of the of the brain. But i tell you. I mean looking back. It was a lot of a lot of amazing little things with my family and consecutive nights. Same bed you know going to bed at normal hours and it was pretty amazing and you know what worries me is now. My boys have gotten a little accustomed to dad being around and now you know which thankfully it summer and they'll come out on the road but it's just them recount of them kinda relearning dad not being home as much and but what's funny about my boys. I mean they are like their cell phone mode and i swear like the transition of blowing mama daily. Come over to me. I mean they're like you know not nine in the morning they call. They make their daily request of the festivities of the day. Is it is it. Is it going wake surfing golfing and fishing or we're going to go build a rope swing tree. How and they laid their daily agendas out over coffee. So you're a camp director. Basically i have been. Yeah i have and then they bring buddies and then it's like they bring buddies so it's like five six boys. You've probably got the fun house right. You got all that stuff to play with. You know the house is exactly what mean caroline wanted it to be even with our nephew. Be in there. The basketball like past. Today's the basketball courts. Been full of boys out there shooting basketball and the gatorade truck pulls into the farm. They unload crates of gatorade. They drink them that day. I mean we like. I said we cannot keep our frigerator stopped you know. The pop tarts are gone daily. So we were having to feed all these animals. You really are running cancer like so you may need to get out in the roads. But there's there's always boys around the house and it's a big. My home was like that. I mean when i grew up in i even referenced sit in the series i mean our home was a hub it was riding the heart leesburg and you know my brother and sister. They had all their with the pool. We had all the farmers you know end of summer day. My dad you know they. You know all huddled up around truck bad. Drinking beer at the end of the day talking about is is it dries at hot when we getting rained if we get too much rain so it was a lot. It was a little melting pot for us and you made some new music. He put the deluxe album out. You were doing american idol. So you were as you say still keeping busy with your jobs and your music yeah. I was really blessed to to to stay real busy with. And yeah we were in the studio and and did the deluxe edition and but i mean what's crazy is is You know the you don't realize the physical toll that time changes and stuff time changes and and what. I'm on the road by the time. I get off stages eleven eleven fifteen go to bed at one and then a comeback home you so all those little changes. I mean it wears on you but you love it. You know it's like it's like the you you love being a part of that and so yeah we're we're going dive back into. It's you know when. I get out on tour. I've always got these little vocal issues. You know your tire. You're under like my voice for a year and seven months has been like the best ever. I'm sure opening weekend. I'll get out there breath in some ragweed it's blooming somewhere and it'll shut my whole deal blow it out on the first show. Sound like.

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