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Facebook if you will of investing and I think that. That's where a lot of people gravitate to I. Mean Trading can be a very lonely experience because you're sitting in front of the computer by yourself you making decisions we're giving the opportunity to share your experiences with other people, share your knowledge, and I think that's That's something that a lot of people want to gravitate toward the reasons why we've got thirty million now registered uses and his grown very quickly, and they've got different styles like. On this podcast, we're always talking about investing rather than trading because people often come on and think it'd be a trader Yep. That kind of aspect to the community as well investing and trading, correct? Yes look. Because we're multi-asset platform allowing people to try different assets by property, of course. The ability there is for people to gravitate to those areas that you're interested. So particularly say in the share market, you're more likely going to be investing but if you look in trade commodities or you're looking to trade currencies then you probably rather than investing. So in that particular case as a whole different demographic and people that you be speaking to. What we're trying to get, of course or or trying to suggest to people is that diversification so that you do not only are you just looking at equities, but you might have some interesting in trading maybe currencies or trading commodities. Now if you don't have any knowledge, one of the unique propositions of Toro is the ability for you to copy a successful trader. So. What happens is when that tried makes tried or invest in a particular commodity or or. The exact same position does on your account. And say if he's making money, then you're making money what is a commodity and people can try to like commodities like things like iron ore, sugar things like that. Correct. I mean, look the most popular commodities at the moment that people are trading oil obviously Lakers everyone's saying oil prices move up and down and gold. So they're the ones that most people gravitate to I, mean we do have what we call soft commodities and that's what you mentioned a little bit while ago, which is grain sugar. Corn, etc but most people gravitate towards the. Golden the oil and currencies that's not something that's in the basics of investing. But just give us a little bit of a quick explanation about currencies and how people tried currencies. Well, trading currencies is just like trading shares its which way you think a particular cower going to go now that. Currencies can only move up and down when compared to another currency and most of the time that second currencies the US dollar..

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