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In July, nineteen sixty five sixteen year old Sylvia likens and her fifteen year old sister, Jenny were taken in by single mother. Gertrude banish chefs ski by Tober Sylvia was dead, Sylvia. Endured months of abuse, torture and mutilation before she was killed Gertrude instigated much of the abuse. But what makes this crime more incomprehensible is that several of the banish Heff ski children as well as friends and neighborhood children had tortured and hurt Sylvia as well. On many occasions. Neighbors heard screams coming from the house, but didn't wanna pry several people learned about the escalating abuse. But they didn't know how bad it was or got it wasn't their business to ask Sylvia and Jenny even had opportunities to get help or escape, but they never went through with it in this. Episode will talk about Gertrude banish, chefs key and Sylvia likens their past in their circumstances. And the first few months of Sylvia's day at the banner chef ski home will sift through what might have motivated Gertrude behavior. And why Sylvia didn't simply get help or run away. In part two will piece together what happened to Sylvia during the last few weeks of her life, then we'll cover the trial of the six defendants sentenced for murder and manslaughter, including Gertrude, two of her children and three other neighbors. Gertrude banish. Chefs key was born Gertrude Nadine van Foshan in nineteen twenty nine little is known about her childhood, though, she was said to have a close bond with her father, but a distant relationship with her mother when she was eleven Gertrude witnessed the sudden death of her father when he suffered a heart attack before Vanessa talks about Gertrude psychology as she will throughout this episode. I brief disclaimer Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for the show. Multiple studies have shown associations between childhood trauma and later, psychological, distress psychiatric disorders and depression. A traumatic experience is according to the American psychiatric association one that threatens death or injury to self or others and elicits intense. Feelings of fear helplessness or horror examples of traumatic events include physical or sexual abuse. Use combat witnessing violence or disaster. Or the sudden death of a loved one Gertrude witnessing her father's death at such a young age might have influenced her later, psychological issues when Gertrude was sixteen. She dropped out of high school to marry eighteen-year-old police deputy, John banish chefs gay and the following years. John worked as a police officer and Gertrude clerked drugstores and dime stores Gertrude and John had four children during this time Paula Stephanie Johnny and Marie John senior had a violent temper and would often beat her true. If you felt she was annoying him after the birth of her second daughter, Stephanie in nineteen fifty Gertrude had what was at the time called a nervous breakdown. She was admitted to a hospital for two weeks mostly because she wasn't eating enough and had become dehydrated. According to psychiatrist, Dr Gail Saltz. The term nervous breakdown was used. Decades ago to describe symptoms like depression, anxiety and even psychosis that seriously impair function in the nineteen fifties. Women with postpartum depression were often given the diagnosis of nervous breakdown. According to the National Institute of mental health postpartum, depression is a mood disorder that affects fifteen percent of women after childbirth when levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone quickly drop. This leads to chemical changes in the brain causing symptoms like mood. Swings. Feeling sad. Empty are overwhelmed. Eating too little and experiencing anger rage. A woman is more at risk of she has a lack of strong emotional support from her partner or family this appeared to have been the case for Gertrude after ten years of marriage in nineteen fifty five Gertrude and John divorced Gertrude. Was granted custody of the children within a year. She married another man named Edward. Guthrie? This marriage was short lived lasting only, six months. Guthrie divorced protrude. When he tired of having her children around shortly, thereafter Gertrude, and John vanish chef ski started living together again, but never formally remarried. We don't know why Gertrude and John reconnected, but Gertrude as a single mother with four children to take care of and no job skills likely needed to rely on a partner as her only means of.

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