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The night that he won the night that he one I was actually in Ohio. I was like acapella sleep in the car because I've worked so hard. But how did it feel that night? I was exhausted. I was so tired. We gone out that day. My daughter came with us we flew to Indianapolis for one campaign. Stop Justice show people. He was still on that day of the election, working hard, and we had been running like full out. And my daughter said, well, this isn't bad. It's one stop wise is so hard, and I was like, no, you don't understand this is election day, we've been really working hard, and sadly his grandmother had died that just the day before to cut so close, and and and had not made it, and so it was kind of bitter sweet in that way. But we were preparing for this rally in grand park, hoping for the best and one of the funny stories, it just shows you kids out of the mouths of babes with the Obamas left. Their home to go to the hotel where we waited for the return. So driving down lakeshore drive. And and it's packed. Right. And so then they get to the hotel. And then when it's time to go to grand park everybody who was in the hotel left earlier. So we could get to grand park again fingers crossed. And I'm on my way to grant park with a busload of supporters, and we hear that he's one. And so, of course, the bus goes up in uproar, and then I get to grant park and I decided wait backstage to see him. Now, they come from the Hyatt hotel towards grand park. And by that point. He's the president elect, right? Not a car on the street because secret service kicks in immediately. And there is no traffic. Emily said daddy. I'm so sorry..

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