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From a tree some of the intensive care unit at the plant today yet hospital on the edge of the green cubicles in each one and three hundred nineteen patients in older than she dated in receiving oxygen there are very strict safety procedures here to try to ensure that the virus doesn't spread to the stock it was very hard the first days so you got dressed up and you were you scared really scared to get on the ground that the tape marking the division was a clean area I will not sign unsuitable blooms the mosque and nobody's around on the other side of the line the doctors who actually attends to the intensive care patients there in one of the rules they have full safety gear every time they exit the room they sent their hands to clean in the strip open answer later reforms and they strip off to that I'll check those rules which they dropped in the bin for me the first time I got sued out was to see additional war round the I. C. U. you start to sign up for different components she's been working here for around the epidemic they called me it was it was this very sick patient I need to go see so I got screwed up I walked into the room and I find this person sitting on a chair definitely bleeding heart and you know he started talking to me and dissent of you just forgot about how scared I was and I was just touching the patient and then I will come to the right of the room and I told my colleagues it's so hard it's going to be so hard.

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