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Please trust me when I say that my sono speakers are used for literally everything. My family and I listen to music, we were having a dance party to 80s music last night in our kitchen. That was on the Sonos speaker, we get the podcasts going, Sonos, audiobook, Sonos, if my kids are in charge of the speakers, it's Harry Styles. I mean, and maybe also like me, you know, we're all putting Harry Styles on in this house. And we listen from all over our house. We've got a Sonos in our home office. We've got one outside in the backyard, in the kitchen. And if you're anything like me, you're going to want to share the joy of listening this holiday season with Sonos one. These are the exact speakers that I have. They are compact, but no less powerful for the small size they deliver very rich sound and they have hands free built in voice control. The compact design fits literally just about any space. I'm staring at my sono speaker right now in my home office. Plus, it's humidity resistant. You know what this means, right? You can use it in the kitchen or the best place to listen to anything, the bathroom, the number of times I have listened to things on my speaker in the shower is astounding. You can start with one and build your collection or get a bunch all at once. And also no speakers work together so you can listen in any or every room and bring the family together with incredible sound for everything from classic holiday carols to festive films. Two, the forever 35 podcast, visit Sonos dot com to learn more and find thoughtful recommendations for everyone on your list. You have all heard us talk about color guru. And that is because we genuinely love color guru. I mean, it tasted our lives. I don't even know who was I even before I knew I was a moonlit winter. You were a woman wearing rust. You were wearing a lot of rust. And wearing rust. Which you can wear rust, even if it's not on your color palette. But the nice thing about color guru is that they suggested other colors that may be might, I don't know, be a better match for you. I remember the first time I wore one of my signature colors, if you will. Go on. And we were recording, and you were like, you were like, you could not stop gushing about what I was wearing. You were like, oh my God, that dress looks amazing on you. I love that color on you. You are literally like I love that color on you. 'cause there's this bright blue? Yes, oh my God, I was gonna say, was it one of the blues? Yeah, it was one of the blues and I was like, yep. Because I started wearing it because I was like, oh, color guru says this is my signature color. I'm gonna try it. And it was proven to be the case. So it's super easy. You just, you upload photos, you answer a few questions, and then they match you with your ideal color palette for clothing. And they also have a makeup offering, which is pretty cool. So if that's something you're interested in, you can do that as well. And they send you a digital color card for your phone, and then you also get a laminated card. So no lie, I keep my laminated card by my computer, so do I. I swear to God. Because I'm not doing that much in store shopping these days. But when I do online shopping, I'm like, well, let me just consult my card. I mean, I've told you how I looked. I received a lip color that was an orangey red. And I was like, I never wear this shade. And then I looked at my makeup palette. And it says it was one of my colors. And then I put it on. And I get compliments on this lipstick color. And I love how I look at it. That's the most important part. It's not what other people think, but how I feel. Exactly. And I remember same as with my dress. I remember when you wore that lip color. I was like, oh, that looks good. We are new women. It is really cool and I think as I've mentioned on the pod before it also helps me narrow down what I'm buying. I can just sort of eliminate things that I'm like, you know what? I could hate that. I could wear this, but I think I will actually look better in something else. So if you know someone who loves to shop or wants to know more about their colors, color gurus, custom color card, would make a great gift, and you can get your custom color card at your color guru dot com and use coupon code forever for 10% off any color

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