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Do you wish you taking more time to build a broader stronger foundation or is just one of these things where you were flying by the seat of your pants and you you were you were. I would have loved to have done that. We would have been have been extraordinary lucky to be able to do it. We didn't have anybody that ever had ever done it before. We did have guys at work than other campaigns but never frontal for insurgents they some of them run worked in Jerry Brown's campaign. When you start this is one of the big problems when you start from nothing in the second smallest state in the country and you catch fire unless you have an enormous amount of experience you just sorta riding the wave. I mean it's like right. One hundred foot wave out in Portugal. You don't really have time to think about building the organization just trying to stay alive and stay ahead of the next bump in the wave so you don't get killed. Yeah I remember when Gary Hart unexpectedly won New Hampshire in nineteen eighty four. Yeah I remember reading a story like the next day and I was working for Mondale so I was out fighting for my job and my wife and there was an interview with some guy in Florida and he was their state director. And the interviewer said. Well how big a staff do you have any said you're looking at it? And his law as they had no organization nothing and they had ten days until two weeks to the primary right. The I think your campaign. That campaign illustrates. There's two driving forces. One is the grassroots progressive strength particularly young people and then the traditional organizational power within the party. That was the genius of Obama. Was He took all that strength from my campaign this incredible passion and he impose discipline on A. He's a disciplined person plus in my view the most extraordinary job ever no. I was the referee in that campaign. Of course both sides thought I was in the bag for the other one but I was the referee in that campaign of course expected Hillary to win and after Iowa just went. Oh my God not only this guy can win the whole thing but he can be the president of the United States. You have in order to win Iowa. You have to be unbelievably well organized. I don't think anybody's ever won Iowa just by Passion. I really don't maybe on the Republican side. They might have with some of the right wing. You know event jellicoe types. But you really do have to be organized. I mean that caucus you have to be organized and you have to get your people to the polls and it's time certain there's never any democratic because pupil who are disabled or have kids at home or at work. Two jobs can't vote but organization is absolutely critical and that was the biggest difference with Obama's campaign. Didn't what we did. We were having fun. It was an introduction to politics for thousands and thousands of kids. I still see people all over the country. Hey I work for you to answer but the was not the discipline that you have to have to win the presidency. So very soon after Wisconsin. You come in third decide to drop out talk about how you made that decision. I decided a couple of days earlier. Roy Neal who was my campaign manager at the time called me up and said we got four hundred thousand dollars left. Put It on the air in Wisconsin. And I said no because I didn't want to stiff everybody for all the bills. Which is the usual. Mo. I knew I wasn't GonNa win the most interesting thing about Wisconsin. I was furious. I felt I had been screwed by all the other candidates all this politics dirty business but all those not wasn't as dirty dancing is now I mean but Al Gore who had endorsed us. Call me up in the middle of the night three days to go and I was furious. I knew I was GONNA come into third again and I was ranting and raving saying why am I a Democrat? Look with these people did to me. Tell me what I owe the Democratic Party. And he berry patiently listened to me for about twenty minutes of ranting and raving and he said well you know Howard. This isn't really about you. It's about the country. There's not another person in America. That could've told me that not one because he'd had the president takes stolen from him by the Supreme Court on a five to four decision. And I thought God if this guy's telling me that this the guy I have to listen to so basically I lost and I went home and I cleaned out my garage mode by law and all the things that done for a year and then I got back on the trail for Kerry so you started to answer that but let me T- deeper. I mean what's it like the morning after when everything you've been doing and pouring your heart into for a year some people for their entire lifetime. It didn't hurt me at all but it hurt. The only really hurt me is how hard everybody else had worked for me. You feel like you've let them down because they I mean people were one lady who is on disability. Gave me a bag of fifty dollars worth of quarters that she saver for over five years for something special. And you don't win and you Kinda feel Christmas you know. Just let all these people down but that was you know basically pulled myself together and did all the things I I went back to my oh. Life was unemployed for the first time short periods out in some ways the scream speech helped because people were really anxious to have me advertise products for them. Especially Yahoo you know. They had this thing about Yahoo works. They gave me a whole lot of money for doing a TV ad. So that made ends meet for a while then. It didn't take me long before I figured out. I want to be genuine the DNC which is a whole nother because I get to run against the establishment again and win. Yes and then you you become the man. So you go on struck by the The fifty dollars in quarters so you did give this woman on disability. Something I know. This campaign did show that politics are not decided exclusively in the back rooms all of the back room still exist but your campaign demonstrated that particularly young people where people who who are not in the middle of things can get together the Internet. How bring them together? There's a lot of new tools but they can have an impact so it was fifty hours well-spent very interesting first of all if you look at indivisible which is a pretty big movers and shakers these days. I don't think they consciously did this. Actually modeled after something from the campaign called Mita. We had eight hundred groups that self organized all over the country when they have eight thousand groups but most interesting thing about indivisible their membership is by modal age wise and so is my campaign. It's full of young people who provided all the energy but there's a whole lot of people my age or a little younger who had dropped out of politics as a result of what was going on in Vietnam hadn't paid any attention to it and now they were back so and that's still going on today. A lot of the structure right in the opening you talked about a lot of the structures. It did change politics forever. I don't really that wasn't my intention. That was a new generation coming to power in the beginning and they set the rules. And there's rules have been an extent. I mean that's why I think. The Republicans are in deep trouble. Oh they've got US billionaires and people who hate everybody and the average person who is under thirty five in this country seventy percent of them vote for Democrats but the younger people younger people. The younger people did more to deliver two thousand eighteen to the Democrats than anybody else. The interesting thing about the young generation is they're actually very liberal on social issues and they're actually more conservative about money than most of the people. My Age are in the Democratic Party. It's GonNa be really interesting. They fully start taking over committees and stuff like that. Because I think we're gonNA see something very very different than what most of us might have expected. So let's go back to the campaign for a few more minutes. What surprised you most about running how tough it was and how tough I was. I was did not think I was that tough. But you do get that far and go through all those things and you've hey I can do that. I didn't know I could stand up to that. I mean at one point. One of my closest aides had been with me for twelve years. Took me into a room and island. Said there's a story coming out the saying you're having an affair. I said what with WHO and it was. Just some bullshit thing. Somebody said they were going to print it and you sort of roll with the punches on if you get all upset about stuff like that. It's just that's what happens in politics. He you've answered my next questions. Would you learn as a person what you learned? I learned? It was a great country because you had unbelievable people did WanNa do the right thing and all you need to do is give them an opportunity to act on it. What's the thing you're most proud of from the dino four campaign? It's all the people that were pulled into politics who are now poised to run the country. Let me finish with looking forward. What does a Democrat in? The Democratic Wing of the Party need to do to get the nomination and and take it to the next step. I think for this group. It's true for all voters particularly true for young people. Be Authentic be yourself. Don't try to give cookie cutter poll suggestions because everybody knows what they are. They're not impressed. That's the most important thing I believe that we will lose the election to Donald Trump. If we're only talk about trump trump reminds everybody every day. That these SCHMUCK. We don't need to do that. We can dismiss this nonsense but we have got to focus on the things that really are driving. The country income inequality is which is really a surrogate for fairness. We live in a fair country. Most people think not educational opportunity healthcare Which the Republicans are making easy for by taking away. Preexisting conditions stuff protection was trump's lawsuit all of whom Republican Governors signed onto. So we gotta talk about that. This becomes a pissing contest between the Democrats and Donald Trump. Why not stick with trump I don't think it will. I mean I think we're going to nominate a candidate. Who's bigger than that? And if we were in trouble so most people look at the presidential nomination process and run for president as like. Why do we do this? This is so screwed up. I personally think it's the single best way to test someone to prepare them for the office. Am I wrong? I think you're right. I think it's tough. It's mean it's horrid people want to throw up by the end of it but if you want somebody who is tough enough to be president you better be tough on them when they're applying for the job Howard Dean. Thanks for joining us for the contenders. Thanks thank you for listening. To words matter please. Rate and review words matter on apple podcasts and other podcast providers..

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