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On Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern Fox News $20,000 in reward money is being offered in the fatal shooting of a Texas mother of a US Navy Academy midshipmen candidate Annapolis police say Michelle Cummings of Houston was killed outside the graduate hotel as she was dropping her son off at the academy. Her son, midshipman the candidate, Leonard, coming the third is an incoming freshman. Investigators believe she was hit by a stray bullet and a proposed payment to the former head of the Terran County, Terrence Regional Water District is under the microscope. The expenditure of an extra $300,000 in post retirement compensation to Jim Oliver was approved by former board President Jack Stephens, according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram all over lead the utility for Over 35 years. Current board President Lee A. King flagged the payment as quote, improper and potentially illegal. The plan came to light during a meeting Tuesday, where King announced that Stevens had quote unilaterally directed the water district staff to make an exception to the paid leave policy. Kim Lampkin is w B A P news. From the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo say your next update is at 7 24 7 coverage at W b a p dot com. I believe that bringing Jason Kidd in another former point guard ball, dominant guy, but also very capable of leading a team and getting a lot of guys involved. He's going to be a big benefit to to Lucca. Mavs fans hope he's right. That's N B A and insider Ric Bucher talking about Jason Kidd coming in Dallas, and that should go a long way. Making Luca dance. It's a better player. Good morning from our Mercedes Benz of play, No sports escapes. Um that it, of course, is the future for the Mavs. The superstar guard will eventually get somebody who will help him on the court. Somebody who can help him elevate his game more than Christoper Zynga's has It may not happen this year and next year, but it will eventually happen. And remember, Don sits is only 22 years years years old, so the future is bright. Despite having a player like Dante. It's Rick Carlisle decided it was time to move on after 13 seasons. He suddenly resigned a few weeks ago after the Mavs failed to get out of the first round of the playoffs again this year, and now he's backward. He's been before coaching the Pacers in Indiana. I'm really So fortunate. So excited to be back in the in the great state of Indiana, where basketball is, uh, is King and I look forward to the channel. Carlisle officially introduces the new coach of the Pacers, where he once served as an assistant to Larry Bird also was the head coach before he came to Dallas. Rangers lose last night out in Oakland got beat by the A 3 to 1, another home run for Joey Gallo off and remember this from the Super Bowl back in Tampa Bay. Just at the start of the year, he's being chased to the 30. He.

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