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With us. I'M GONNA say his ex after I do. You GotTa kill me with just to see if it works. Grew still good material. I'll make one acts in my life and that is it. You haven't even taken the best turn in this sense. I've got a double headed carbon steel battle-axe homemade by a gentleman who has since passed. That's why I call it my baby. Yes yes that. That can't be why he saw. Why a old grizzled weapon maker? Who's died that he now calls? My baby went to weapons maker does he. He's so baby is born you. Also he left out what he wanted. So I'm kind of like the bride and killed bill. He made one last acts for me. No you're not you're alarmed no wasting no time back to the king and the door being kicked in on the second or third wasting wasting no time. Ben went into action quote. The door flew open. I was already up out of my chair to attack him. He has been waiting for this day. Eh this is it so life his whole life or at least since she left and I don't mean the roommate wherever she she she is in his life ball said he had reason to believe. The suspect had a firearm. Will you better say that. If you're going at the the two immediately started grappling that's gotta be balls word or it could be was it. What was his name? diener beater the to immediately L. E. started grappling in the impart -ment beater is like the level of castle. Wolfenstein that like when you get into the final room. You're you're with Hitler in that room. I don't know that part of the program. What was his name Barton dealers okay? We were close wasting no time Bedouin into action. He said he thought he had a gun. The two immediately started grappling in the apartment destroying the place. This is what the place.

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