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Story and and how you got to Sobriety Union in five or ten minutes or less tell us how long you drink how long it was a problem and why you decided to stop alcoholism sugar and I was a sugar addict from the GECKO. I was was adopted and in five foster homes before I was two and I was you know said by name other than kindly I would run and hide in the corner like put my face in the clinic is that was what I was taught to do. So I was already kinda messed up near when I started and I lost all night teeth by the time I was nineteen complete replaced because of my essentially addiction into sugar I I got drunk learners twelve and from there on it was like how can I make myself feel better and if the always eclipsed anything else on I I was a liar achieve message and an I a new that I was yet I felt helpless and powerless to change it. I went to church and I got confirmed in church and then promptly went went back to to all the crap and so my faith in church diminished because that wasn't working it it didn't fix and then I was sexually assaulted by the church. One of the people who wasn't positional authority this new and that's a fairly common experience among people who are again our friends news rb guesstimates under the eighty percent up to eighty percent of people who are in recovery rooms. I have had some history of trauma sexual inappropriateness result. I had a girlfriend that I got engaged with. then I I gave into some of the disease seasoned torpedoed that relationship which created more pain went home and cried uncontrollably thinks hours until I went to sleep and then I heard that you could live for four dollars a day in Guatemala so I sold everything and lifting lifting Guatemala Damola where I promptly you know did more of the same kind of thing I found people who also were doing the same kind we don't excesses and got myself arrested by police by police and spent two and a half months in jail and then I lived on the beach for another couple of months and then I escaped the country because rearrested anytime so I swam into Mexico from Guatemala what across the country was not papers no documentation and landed in the United States and became it came on a voluntary beggar and so I had taken about poverty in the sense of to live without money because I had seen when I when I sought after money I was willing to do anything you wanted to do. The line which soon and I didn't WanNa do that from there I looked on I lived on the streets in and I asked her place to Oh to live and so I- landed in a commune in New Mexico and I built a ten weeks I built don't be house in this whole time you had you were voluntarily homeless as a means to as a means to what trying to learn how to person instead of a low bottom but were you still drinking during all this a commune was drinking I we made we made our homebrew. We you know the the the whole thing was centered on. Let's get high interesting and it's like the unit has been jarreds away who houses his family they did and it was like daily Blotto blotto and so what happened is you got closer to nineteen eighty three and and that sort of reaching the end what was was there a game changing moments ought all that I met in a parking tickets using stuff with decided to take me home and his wife and children and so two three hours hitting me bro cheekbones in my temples of getting multiple concussions we when I.

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