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Tommy hilfiger. So let's stuck go into a tailspin. And then once the fourth quarter bit bear market, gut going it just kept getting deviates plunge from nearly one hundred seventy June peak to eighty six at its low December since then the stock has rebounded one ten and change. But it's still well, if it's highs could that be about to change PVS just put it in excellent quarter for the closer and eight cents earnings beautiful buxom, he's better than expected revenue driven by some real strength. The Tommy hilfiger, especially the international business. Even better the company's guidance the upcoming quarter in the year came in higher than -ticipant. I thought it was a terrific quarter. But don't take it from me. Let such pace with Danny Trico. He's the chairman and CEO of ph more about the quarter companies prospects mysterio, welcome back to money. Gre sitting here last time, you you you yourself when happy the quarter. I actually said I thought it was good. But you said listen, we made some execution mistakes twenty to a five west thirty nine you weren't happy with and you promised it would not happen. Again. You were very tough on yourself. But it didn't happen again. That's right. You got it. Right. This time. The I think we really reacted to the challenges we faced in Calvin Klein, we made decision to close all collection business. Very what move. And I think we re positioned the brand a lot of the fashion directions that were off. I think we've got them back on track. And I think you really see the benefit in the second half of two thousand nine hundred nine so was. Even head. Yes, we feel what we the results in the fourth quarter or ahead of where we've talked about pretty significantly the operating margins are up over eighty basis points. And that's a big turnaround from where we were on the third. You're mean internationally immu just on fire, aren't you? Yeah. Clothe brands. The Tommy hilfiger brand is up significantly internationally and it had a great fourth quarter year as well. So that brand continues to put up strong sales growth the earnings for the quarter at Tommy were up twenty five percent. So we really saw what is new designs was over. The was it was it e-commerce sweater that our ecommerce business overall is strong. But I think we're really drove to Tommy business is the continued connection with the consumer with with a marketing and great product execution globally. That's really convenient. That brand is for the last two years is really continued to grow. And it's been it's been a rockstar for us. How does it brand that's been around for? A long time, suddenly accelerating. I think it's look have to be willing to make the investments I think we really have done it both from not only a brand marketing point of view, but investing in all the new technologies investing in ecommerce platforms of that really will drive.

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