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In something called the puk avail of for twenty nine dollars uh so anyway that data that's called wow angela was a week and he just he must have been coding late and saw the message had that's crazy it's it's three o'clock in the morning an east coast it gotta give this guy i'm just taxing it y you while you're awake praising so uh anyway kimbell leave it any of that and yet the of that guy race in a couple of a breed issues a happened tonight in i had to customers sites at were down in we put another we put a message out and in expected would get responded to right away an but of being in boom he's got him bext i dunno anyway cool cbs's suing someone for posting a gun smoke screen shot on line cbs's swing of otographer coperate bridges is a means of avoiding paying a carpenter fridge mclane the photographer filed against the tv network yes red black correctly john 10 in posted a screen shot of the old gunsmoke to one of his social media accounts according torrent pregnancy be as caught win of it it bought one hundred fifty thousand dollar lawsuit he says this copper ain't bridge reaction arises out of the defence authorizes of plaintiffs' vavh intellectual property ten in hyper type of critic linkages actor infringement while simultaneous are bringing suit against plane to sister company cbs's interactive claiming it had violated his own copyright in durres ten it had filed a suit of his own in february when cvs in actor edge allegedly reproduce and put two of his copright boulders of icicle football player on public display on two four seven sports the mountain he asked for up to one hundred fifty thousand dollars per work in addition of court costs attorney peace he also seeking statutory damage for second kleeman of minimal 2500 up to twenty five thousand.

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