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A valuable skill an offer of employment and advanced education or a plan to create jobs, speaking from the white House Rose Garden, Trump says the plan aims to create a fair modern and lawful system of immigration for the United States. I'm Mike moss tensions mount between Iran. And the US intelligence officials say new missile images show an increased threat from Iran, the US now beefing up its military presence in the Persian Gulf, President Trump asked by reporters today about the esscalation. All right. She was last seen when she was nine months pregnant leaving Latino youth high school. Now, police say Marlon Oto Lopez was killed her baby cut from her womb, after she went to Chicago home, based on an offer on Facebook for free clothes for the infant, paramedics responded to the south side, property, after a call baby was having breathing problems. Three people now in custody charges, including murder are pending hate crimes are on the rise in our Bill. Cameron reports the effect of the jussie smollet case, smollet allegedly faking a hate crime has sergeant Laurie Cooper of the civil rights hate crimes unit saying that it isn't helping legitimate victims come forward. I think that it may have diminished individuals who are legitimate victims of crimes, and I think that, that's why we all need to be able to have the support to be able to say. If somebody has the victim of a hate crime. It could happen to others book Cooper is hopeful. I hope that, that case does not diminish the effects of hate crimes that are happening in the city. I hope that it actually empowers us to all come together. To be able to say we know that legitimate hate crimes are happening..

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