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Charlie. Yeah, she's coming just finishing off a little bit. Yes. You some good. Goes just just to talk about your family again and I just wanted to you reconcile you ship with you dad before he passed away, kind of. Kind of lesson him. He just got to point where I was just getting on with it, and the phone was ringing not more than ever had had lights of how how you doing. I'm fine. After how long was this? That was my whole time at drama school to the three years speaking. We spoke bit. We spoke a bit to coinc- your Nathan. Oh my God. Yeah, he can't. So thirty. Okay. This is a point. I think this is the point that died that so of I want my family to being -cluded in in this thing he came onto the special time and every you mean everyone's parents. Exactly. And I was very aware. I think the thing that might even worse was my boyfriend at the time was in my year drama school. So his parents would just always seeing him and stuff, and I was meeting them and and they will love lovely people. And it just made me go. I don't have somebody to introduce you to try to invite my dad to offer show which was. Restoration, comedy man of mode and accord amid best times, don't understand restoration, comma, dates, member, you know, it was a really big thing. Dad, I'm going to get your tickets going to be at the box office. This is where the school is, and yet come along. And I thought we just wouldn't get anything shit. He came out and he king loved it. He loved it. And you know why? Because it's old world e- English in it. It is academic brain to understand that and to execute it. So he was just, oh, that was yeah, I was on union Goldstone weather. Then I invite into my next show. So I'm like, oh, my go. Maybe my dad is going to be finally proud of me. Next show, which was a who'd four by Christopher Shinn. It's not particularly explicit. See when I had to smoke a sky my year and basically repeat trousers off and then come on top of him. And then it goes to black as by taken Cho's and. I didn't think about that because I was so proud of the play really time, and it was only the four of us doing this play and. Yeah, it was good work. If it was really good work, I just didn't put tune to together an off towards going out to the bar. And my dad's face was don't cold. He didn't say anything to turn to leave the building. I thought your, I didn't say anything until we got to gauge street station. They turned to me just like you are a whole. Is like, how can we knew my boyfriend at the time as well, and he was just, how can you what you do that do that with another man like so you couldn't separate yet. And then I thought that's last time. That's inviting to anything we didn't even have. I can even have an with them. I just thought I didn't think about that about like doing new parents. I just thought that they'd be right with it forever reason. And yeah, that was a really big as a big shock. I was a really big shock. Yeah, and I feel I'm just, I don't wanna ever come off stage and have to deal with that anymore. I'm not sure what he did come and say, you did come and see apply, did pay cool and. It's my first pain, London, and I done like done the void exchange, Manchester Manchester, and, but don't let quite low telly. And after coming out drama school, this is the point where I to pop pop up on TV and he season. You didn't tell us your Hopi city. You've made it, and I was going to do with you. And yet she turned up to play though it did the recall and I'm being so nervous actresses in the play when we Misako is one of them and I was having a panic attack dad text. I'm outside. I can't like, I just don't. I just don't to deal with..

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