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Chicken so this will help encourage it there's another thing you can do as well if that doesn't do it would i'd like you to do is i'd like you to go out and try one of two things sometimes that we put a little aluminum foil in front of the cabinet doors catch really are not thrilled about walking on aluminum foil so you might want to put some quick levelled quake about aluminum foil in front of the cabinet's that may be enough of the deterrent however if that doesn't work assam cats has since i've got no big deal i walk on the aluminum then you can also try this gets a wide strips of double stick tape put the double stick tape on the cabinet doors about where the cats feet with it when the cat goes to hit the doors the double stick tapes going to stick its kitty fly paper it's not going to hurt her but the bottom line is that you'll get the idea that something she should be doing that's the correction but i'd much rather you make the home more interesting with the cardboard boxes the paper bags the organic plants the cat and if in all of that stuff i think that be a lot more interesting also just so you know cats have sent glands on the bottom of their feet what does that mean it means that behind the cabinet will you've been open those doors are thing she wants to explore so what she's also doing is putting her sent on those cabinet doors that's why when a cat uses a litter box they scratch up as well they have more sank lands on the bottom of their feet so those are some of the things i'd like you to do make the home more interesting try the aluminum foil first if that doesn't work when i want you to try as i want you to try are obviously using the i the double stick tape i think that's going to make a big difference fly that answer your question a little bit rene yeah well i hear of like a bucket full of bag and yet the buck nope the bucket full at toys r bags it's no good put those toys put the paper boxes.

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