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Dez finally got a chance to put his thoughts together and tweet it out as a receiver playing for the Dallas Cowboys. Your mind have to be right because you will never see targets like AB LBJ talking about obviously and Tonio Brown Odell Beckham, junior and deandre Hopkins. None of those guys. I was never schemed into things. I made things happened throughout my career. I'm Mr. seventy three. They had j. Whitten as our number one talking about Jason Witten obviously. So Jerry is right. I do think it's interesting. The Dez again, attacking the scheme desert does very. Very, obviously very publicly wants a job of the Dallas Cowboys yet here he is talking about what they didn't scheme from me. I did everything and if you're confused, I know some people were dead saying, I Mr. seventy three. That's a reference to Dez Bryant being the franchise's all time leader in receiving touchdowns. You'll remember that was a Mark that he broke last season on of thirtieth at home against the Washington Redskins on Thursday night football, but so deaths. Again, I'm hesitant to call us a clapback. It did feel a little, not a little abrasive. It's kind of like the weather described in San Antonio today. It's little cope. Just not really cold, but just, you know, maybe a light jacket is all you need. This was a little, you know, again talking about the scheme again, but I do think it's fascinating that Dez Bryant would publicly say that he was not the number one receiver that Jason Witten was in. I went back, I loved and I tweeted about this. If you're watching, you can see it Dez. Bryant was obviously drafted in the first round by the Dallas Cowboys in two thousand and ten. So his entire career with the Cowboys. He saw nine hundred. And nine targets in one hundred and thirteen games. Now, Jason Witten obviously had been in Dallas for a long time before Dez Bryant arrived. But in that same stretch of time in the time span the Jason Witten shared an offense with Dez Bryant, he was targeted less. He was targeted thirty less times Jason win only eight hundred seventy nine targets in.

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