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Really I wish one big bad guy got song and record of the year and I was also an album of the year and best new artist America's listening to fox news time is now eight oh two good morning I'm mark Caesar this update is brought to you by Austin regional clinic volunteers counted the homeless in Austin this weekend mayor Steve Adler says it's never an exact science means point in time counts don't count everyone there are people that will be in places that we just can't find a place to the count was two thousand two hundred and fifty five one year earlier it was twenty one hundred and forty seven to UT students are among the victims of a stabbing spree late last week in downtown Austin UT police chief David Carter's confirm that via Twitter in response to recent spikes in violent crime UT president Gregory fitness is now seeking funding for more police officers Austin police she primarily says his department is also beefing up coverage in the entertainment district we've reached out to the department of public safety who is already taken increased presence in Austin and they have committed no fewer than twenty troopers to assist us in this also wants funding for upgraded security technology around the UT campus unknown homeless woman recalling Morris is accused of attacking five people within a thirty minute span along various parts of six St Patrick Osborne newsradio kill the J. that attack sparked another argument between the governor and mayor Adler Christine Cavanaugh says the data does not support abit statement twenty two a spike of violence last year Adler says a PD handle Baptist by increasing the presence and effectively address.

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