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Two left me the shotgun. On third down, they blitz. Hands alone. Jimmy gets hit fluttering ball down the sideline cut by Deebo. Samuel breaks a tackle now and we'll run all the way inside the 2010 of five. Touchdown. SAN Fran Cisco, How did he catch that ball? There It is. 49 ers rolling in Detroit getting weak one. Which leads to our 14 hour player of the Week interview is always really looking forward to. This usually is going to be on Wednesdays because unusual week with the Niners in West Virginia, and we said, Well, what are we going to do? And they said, Oh, well. Jimmy Garoppolo is going to call it the guy. We're going to talk to. How good is that on the, um, against like we welcome back the quarterback of the San Francisco 40 Niners. Hey, Jimmy. Welcome back to the Murph and Mac Show. Brian Murphy. Paul McCaffrey. Congrats on that wind. How you doing this morning, man I appreciate Appreciate guys. Thanks for having me back. Always. 24 7. You're welcome friend, man. So how's West Virginia this morning? It's like your home away from home now. It's like familiar familiar environment, huh? No doubt, man. Yeah, we're getting used to it out here. It's the hospitality is unbelievable. You feel like you go back in time a little bit, but it's It's always good to get back here. Is it good for you guys to be in that like that's that little bubble kind of where, you know, instead of winning it back and forth to the West Coast. Tell us the advantages of this. Yeah, I've always been a big fan of it. You know, I think just the time change is a big thing. You know, playing in those one o'clock games. It's really 10 o'clock for us. It's a It's an adjustment that you can't really get used to that quickly. So I think having a week out here World team bonding, you know, going to dinners and things like that. It always makes for a good week. Alright, who's buying the dinner? So that's the question? Yeah, we just went out last night. We are. We took care of it. A couple of couple of older guys, We got to take care of these young guys, man, you know? Wow, that's classic lot of times they stick into the rookie and be like, Hey, guess what, kid you're buying, you know? We had our rookie dinner. That was that was during camp. So we took care of that already. Did you just call yourself an old guy? Jimmy? Oh, hey, man. I mean, getting out there Now you know your eight inside their different game. Isn't that wild to think year eight. And it does it. Does that hit you? Kind of Does that like, Wow, When you look at these young kids walking in we had you on in the spring. And we talked about how young tray is in the musical references of the T V references. But you definitely look around the league now and you see yourself as one of the, uh, one of the veterans. Yeah, I mean, it's a I don't know. It's one of those things that you don't really realize it's going on. And all of a sudden you start talking to guys in the locker room and you know they don't They don't listen to music. They don't watch the same movies just, uh, things change. But, you know, we got a good group of guys who Older guys get along with the young guys. Young guys get along with the old guy, so it makes very good. Good time. Hey, Jimmy. Good stuff. Glad to have you on the, um, a guest lines. Talk about Let's start with the tough stuff and then get to the happy stuff. And that's the injuries. Man. The How do you process the Raheem Mostert and Jason Verrett? Injuries, uh, for to start the season with those body blows. How are you guys talking about it? Yeah, It's a tough one, man. It really is just you know, you never want anyone get hurt, But, you know, just especially those two guys. I mean Ben with them for a little while now, JV just everything he's fought through to come back and Get to where he's at. And you know, he had a hell of a training camp how preseason he was, he was rolling. It's just It's so unfortunate that, uh, I don't know that's the nature of the beast, I guess, but I'm regime. The same thing just died. You know the guys in battling me and him last year kind of went through some injury stuff together. And it's just, uh, you know, it's just tough. I mean, there's no better way to put it. It sucks, but, uh, you know what we are. We have a deep team. We had a good group of guys who, you know, we'll bounce back and be ready to roll. Now you look in the back the back field room and you see Trey Sermon. Elijah Mitchell. Michael Hasty. These are young kids. So do you. Do you exert any kind of leadership on these guys? Now? What do you do as the QB? Yeah, I think you know. Naturally, that's just kind of happened. Like, uh, when he went down, we all kind of knew it on the sideline just went up to Elijah and haste. And you know, it kind of got them going a little bit Hasty is always ready to roll. I knew that from last year playing with him. Just keep that He's a gamer man. He was ready to roll. As soon as he got the call, and Elijah I mean, you guys start on game data, he came out ready to play. And when his number was called, he was ready. While he was for sure. And then in and we'll see what happens Sunday in Philadelphia. Let's talk a little bit before we get to the Eagles about the game. You guys got to win. It was huge, and and you had your longest touchdown pass of your career. Did you know that 79 yards was your longest? But I actually didn't. I mean, I didn't even know I threw a touchdown pass. And so I looked up. Be honest. Yeah, I heard you. You said you got it from the pile to see Debo crossing. Is that right? Yeah, There's a There's a pretty good pile of us, uh, helping a couple guys up there helping me up and turned over my shoulder. Me and Sharon Williams got together. We're like, Oh, all right, was it was kind of funny, actually. But you know, it's Devo made a hell of a play on it was good. And you look back on that play on film. You know the way the replays were showing you. You got a lot of praise for hanging in on that one is that Is that when you look in that film are you proud of the way you You got that throw off or do you still like, man? I could have put that in a different place. No. I was going for the back shoulder, saw the guy running with Tebow and he just He had no vision on me. And so I just want to give Devo chance with them. So we had one on one on the outside, you know, devoted the rest. But yet, uh Our lines are playing great man. They really gave me a lot of clean pockets. They helped me out of time just made my life easy made the run game easy, and whenever we could get rolling like that, it makes for a good day. Hey, Always talking to Jimmy Garoppolo on the M A guest line. Always great to see the ball distribution to your hitting a lot of different targets out there..

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