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My name is Tori Telfer I'm a true crime writer captivated by stories about women who murder I've written a book about it and now I'm hosting a new podcast called Y women Hill truth lies and labels society likes to label female killers the black widow the jealous lover. Let's unpack some of these names and see if they help explain okay look I'm done I'm done I do not want to have to cancel another person preach you said the wrong thing cancel you wore the wrong thing canceled you re tweeted the wrong thing ends up you liked a song that you shouldn't have liked one hundred percent hensel especially Taylor swift sorry you know sometimes it's warranted sometimes folks need to be canceled but I hear you yes you do and I hear you because I hear that you're asking for more consideration you're asking for less of a major reaction you're actually asking for something that's the total opposite sort of cancel culture right well right if you cancel somebody you don't have to think about them anymore but I want to think about some people in fact I wanna do more than thinking about them in order to be able to think about them I want to subscribe doing cancel I want to subscribe I went to sign up for that newsletter and I feel like the person at the top of my subscription list right now is a lady named Jennifer Lopez yes it's not just you write like from the moment Djalo did her thing down that runway in Milan wearing a newer updated version of that iconic green flowing dress and she just takes walk down the runway but it's not that simple though because it's something about the confidence that she has the reaction of the crowd to her when she comes out they cannot believe they're seeing a reprise of one of the most iconic moments in fashion in recent history and also there's a little smile she gives bird the first time she wore a version of that dress was at the two thousand grammy's and it was so stunning and so- connick and so many people wanted to see that looked like people are searching for in the newly invented Google which at the time was only text based but so many people were trying to google but the dress looked like that the is is Jennifer Lopez in that dress correct in Krakow okay I'm talking about subscribing to people but listen I'M NOT GONNA lie I've been subscribed to this woman was going to say you never cancelled your subscription you're just happy that it's back at the top of the inbox yes I feel like we should spend some time thinking about Jennifer Lopez and what invested in the mid nineteen nineties and how that investment is finally paying off for me for her for American pop his STU processing.

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