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Minority viewers minority viewership is up fifteen twenty percent but that's that's gotta be expected when um that's gotta be expected when the show is is uh you know hosted by two afghan americans well in the funny thing is you have folks on the right up curt schilling who has fired from espn has was britain mckendry now britain's hendry's fame as if you may remember this is she had her car impounded in the dc toll till yard and the person she got really kinda nasty with the person and that video ended up going viral she didn't get fired for that she was reprimand ended but dumb she was like go in the in the big cuts idiots men had that too long ago back in april and she also say conservative which frankly i didn't even really realize or no and frankly i don't know if i really care curt schilling though was let go from the baseball the sunday night baseball which i used to love watching now not as much as i don't think that they did right on him he's doing some things on his own he he's been an outspoken conservative as well although let's see you know jemil hill does have someone in her corner you wanna know who's who's coming out being for her that's at one colin kaepernick so he's uh saying she can speak truth to power and the truth of what she wants her yeah what i find what i find odd with espn is that they did fire curt schilling i mean he spoke out about the transgender bathrooms on his on his twitter uh on his twitter feed and that's why he was ultimately removed from the network and from covering the baseball tonight by when jamal hill tweets out that our president is a white supremacist and it it is a big it and is slamming the president uh she just kinda gets a slap on the wrist and i i find that odd that curt schilling fired for his political opinions giamaolo hill slap on the wrist you can keep doing what she's doing i i just find that odd well time and time is going to tell them espn slice disney they've kind of uh you know made this whole bad are lying in their own bat.

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